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Why reCONNECT 2020 is a Must-Attend Virtual Event for Retail Grocers

This month we’re highlighting several of the amazing on-demand and breakout sessions planned for Virtual reCONNECT 2020 scheduled to take place September 14th - September 18th. We’re more excited than ever for these sessions led by food safety experts from some of the most innovative companies in the industry, including sweetgreen, Whole Foods Market, IPC/Subway, First Watch and Dine Brands.

With sessions like “The Tidalwave of Technology for the Future of Food” and “Supplier Transparency as Part of Branding,” virtual reCONNECT 2020 is chock full of engaging content on the growing role technology is playing in the food industry. Once again, FoodLogiQ’s annual user group conference will also feature sessions from the world’s leading natural and organic foods retailer and FoodLogiQ customer Whole Foods Market.

Food recalls are a fact of life in the retail grocery sector, and they can happen for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s a quality or packaging problem or a food-safety issue, it’s imperative to act in a timely and efficient manner. In fact, a FoodLogiQ research study has shown that 50% of consumers think a recall should be resolved in just 1-2 days. That puts a great deal of pressure on retailers to meet these consumer expectations, considering that recalls can take weeks to resolve without the proper systems in place. 

Victoria Goss, Team Leader and Project Manager of the Food Safety Process Improvement Team at Whole Foods, will lead a live roundtable along with FoodLogiQ Product Owner Jonathan Barnes on “Streamlining Withdrawal Management and Execution” discussing how FoodLogiQ’s Recall + Response can enable food retailers to streamline processes, automatically engage your teams and your leadership during an event, and better serve and protect your customers and your business. 

During reCONNECT 2019, Bryna Wortham, Team Leader of Business Process Improvement, commented about their rollout of FoodLogiQ’s recall management software, “Just in the short time that we’ve been live we have seen an incredible reduction in the amount of time that stores took to respond to recalls and that’s all due to FoodLogiQ’s Recall + Response.”

In addition, Whole Foods’ Rima Issa, Business Process Improvement Analyst, will also lead a live roundtable along with FoodLogiQ’s Derick Workman, Senior Product Manager, on the “ABCs of APIs,” a discussion around the value of integrating data sources via APIs and why this approach is crucial for business success in today’s post-COVID-19 world.

In an on-demand session, “Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan,” Wortham and Goss from Whole Foods will also outline how their team intricately weaves FoodLogiQ into their annual strategic planning, based on their corporate initiatives and how FoodLogiQ can help them meet their business goals. They will also discuss how Whole Foods Market measures and evaluates initial planning against actual accomplishments, featuring three key wins from 2019. 

Don’t miss these presentations from Whole Foods Market and others from IPC/Subway, Oracle, First Watch, Testo and GS1 US. Request a pass today.

Posted by Katy Jones on Aug 26, 2020 4:34:09 PM

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