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Webinar: Effective Auditing Programs with WQS

We get it - audits aren't easy. Food companies are under increasing pressure with an onslaught of auditing and certification work being driven by regulatory and industry standards. 

With these difficulties in mind, we've invited Matt Regusci of WQS Food Verification and TrainToComply (from some of our past webinars) to present with us again. We hope you'll join us for this exclusive webinar to learn what you need to know on how how effective auditing programs for food companies are created, structured and run.

WEBINAR: WQS & Effective Auditing Programs 

WQS schedules, tracks, performs and reviews more than 20,000 inspections annually - around the world. With this wealth of experience, they've learned the most important factors that drive the best auditing programs, and Matt Regusci will teach you the most important facts in our free webinar.


Thursday, December 8th, 2016
1pm ET / 10am PT
1 Hour

What You'll Learn

  • How WQS' audits are captured directly into the FoodLogiQ Connect platform
  • How to save time and increase accuracy on audits using a cloud-based mobile platform
  • How WQS' biggest customers are taking advantage of audits for massive benefit

About Our Speaker -Matt Regusci

Matt Regusci, WQS

Matthew Regusci specializes in supply chain food safety and compliance from farming & harvesting to packing, marketing, processing and distributing. Matthew and his team work directly with major retailers, marketers, distributors and processors to simplify complex compliance programs and make large supply chains pliable.

In addition, Matthew provides GFSI Certification audits and sustainability audits, as well as preparation and training for companies centered around the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Posted by Katy Jones on Dec 5, 2016 10:30:44 AM

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