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Visualize Your Entire Supply Chain Through Critical Tracking Events

Any given food supply chain is comprised of an incredible number of events—make sure you're tracking the most important events for improving supply chain efficiency and quality control.  Join us on November 21st for our live demo on leveraging Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) to access a detailed view of your supply chain. 

FoodLogiQ's Food Safety Solution Engineer Bryan Cohn will be presenting on a variety of CTEs, from transportation events to transformation and depletion events. Gain insight into how these occurrences are tracked, why they are so important to pay attention to, and how they enable brands to pinpoint and efficiently resolve food safety issues.

Get your team prepared for a new era of smarter food safety with the right traceability solution and a strong of how to be strategic about supply chain operations.

Live demo key takeaways include:

  • What CTEs consist of, as well as how they are tracked
  • Why CTEs are vital to visualizing your supply chain
  • How to identify and review CTEs in FoodLogiQ Connect
  • Utilizing CTEs to immediately act on and resolve food safety issues

Can't make it for the live demo? Register anyway to get a copy of the presentation after airing.


Posted by Katy Jones on Oct 31, 2019 9:28:56 AM