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Actively Monitor Your Suppliers with FoodLogiQ's Track + Trace Enhanced Reporting

Managing the movement of product through a supply chain is a big job.  It requires data, more data, and even more data!  FoodLogiQ provides users a variety of ways to submit event records.  Submitted data is then stitched together and users can see the path that specific lots of a product took through the supply chain.  When a food safety or quality issue occurs, FoodLogiQ Connect users can quickly investigate for common lots, trace forward to identify where those lots went, and launch a withdrawal of the affected product - a priceless capability when time is of the essence.  


The enhanced Track + Trace reporting feature set can help you take your traceability data to the next level.  The reporting can assist you in identifying data gaps in your supply chain to ensure you have the complete event path when necessary.  

Ability to uncover suppliers who are behind on submitting traceability data for high risk products.


The new supplier summary page lets you at a glance determine if a supplier has stopped sending you event data or if they are sending you incomplete event data. Individual widgets identify if they are missing product or location event data. Knowing this information allows you to strategically and specifically follow-up with each supplier.

Ability to monitor traceability data from all of your supply chain locations.

Managing suppliers can also be time consuming.  Now you can track what percent of products and locations in your network have no event data.  Many of our customers use this metric to track the progress of their traceability initiatives.


Actively monitor the average and total number of days since the last data submission from your supply chain partners.

Target your efforts by working with suppliers that will have the most impact.  Using the Event Submission Regularity: Bottom 10 Suppliers module, analyze which suppliers are furthest behind on their regular event submission rate.


Want to get even more granular?  You can also analyze by location using the Event Submission Regularity:  Bottom 10 Locations dashboard module.


Many of our customers have higher risk products (e.g. perishables or produce). Using the Event Submission Regularity: Bottom 10 Products dashboard module, you can identify if any of your high risk products are significantly behind on their event submissions, allowing you to focus on the most critical items first.


All of the new dashboard modules are clickable, allowing users to dive deeper into the full data set where they can sort, filter and export the underlying data for further analysis.

Want to learn more? Read how FoodLogiQ's customer, SUBWAY®/IPC is actively pursuing supply chain traceability with FoodLogiQ's platform and join us for our live demo of Track + Trace on Thursday, November 16th to see how the solution can support your farm-to-fork traceability initiatives.



Posted by Todd Dolinsky on Nov 10, 2017 9:29:51 AM

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