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FoodLogiQ Traceability Solution Now Includes Active Monitoring, Enhanced Reporting

Key features driven by FoodLogiQ customer and traceability leader SUBWAY® / IPC

FoodLogiQ has released product enhancements to its food traceability technology solution. The food industry’s leading traceability platform, FoodLogiQ’s Track + Trace, now includes enhancements to supplier reporting and monitoring as well as nine new reporting modules.

Based on GS1 standards, the product, location and critical tracking event data gathered in FoodLogiQ gives food companies complete visibility of their supply chain from farm to fork. The new enhancements to Track + Trace now allow FoodLogiQ customers to analyze supplier participation and actively identify data gaps in their traceability programs.

“Some of the world’s leading food brands have trusted FoodLogiQ for years on their traceability initiatives, and we continue to incorporate their feedback into shaping our Track + Trace solution,” said Dean Wiltse, CEO of FoodLogiQ. “When you see millions of data points transformed into a visually intuitive and user-friendly platform, you will then understand why we are the industry leaders in food traceability.”

Among the customers actively pursuing supply chain traceability with FoodLogiQ’s platform is IPC, an independent SUBWAY® franchisee-owned and operated purchasing cooperative. SUBWAY®/IPC set out to achieve full supply chain visibility to make real-time, fast and accurate decisions while also giving their customers exactly what they crave – transparency around the food they buy.

Since joining the GS1 US Foodservice Standards Initiative in 2010, SUBWAY®/IPC has worked closely with their supply chain partners to implement an industry-leading, standards-based traceability program. Once this program is fully implemented, using the FoodLogiQ platform, SUBWAY®/IPC trading partners will be able to manage and track their shipments of products from the source all the way to the destination restaurant.

“The success of our enhanced traceability program is not only about gathering data, but also ensuring the quality and accuracy of that data,” said Rick Buttner, IPC’s Quality and Supply Chain Risk Director. “Working hand-in-hand with FoodLogiQ to implement these latest enhancements delivers the insight we need to actively monitor supplier compliance with our traceability program.”

“FoodLogiQ prides itself on being not only industry-leading but customer-driven as well, and IPC’s input into the latest round of product enhancements was invaluable,” said Wiltse. FoodLogiQ continually seeks customer feedback on its SaaS platform through strategic product sessions as well as an online Idea Portal available to customers.

Additional features and enhancements in this latest release of Track + Trace include the ability to:

  • Actively identify top-tier suppliers who are reporting event data in compliance with your traceability program.
  • Actively monitor the average and total number of days since the last data submission from your supply chain partners.  
  • Ability to uncover suppliers who are behind on submitting traceability data for high risk products.
  • Ability to monitor traceability data from all of your supply chain locations.



Posted by Katy Jones on Nov 8, 2017 11:06:45 AM

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