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IPC/Subway® Talks Traceability and Blockchain at Upcoming Food Industry Events

Lucelena Angarita, Director of Supply Chain Traceability at IPC/Subway®, will present at upcoming National Restaurant Association (NRA) events on the value of traceability and how it can mitigate risks, both for the consumer and for the business brand.

True farm-to-fork traceability has many benefits for stakeholders throughout the food supply chain, from the grower, to the distribution center, the retailer, restaurant, and ultimately, the consumer.  It’s also a key component of blockchain, an emerging technology that has gained worldwide interest because of its potential to solve a variety of business problems.  A by-product of the discussion around blockchain is the awareness of the need for companies to automate their recordkeeping and traceability systems and to eliminate the manual, often paper-based processes that slow down traceability.

“We know that being proactive and prepared can make all the difference in successfully managing a quality incident,” says Lucelena Angarita, Director of Supply Chain Traceability for Independent Purchasing Cooperative, Inc., the purchasing cooperative for Subway® franchisees.  “That’s why we partnered with FoodLogiQ in 2015, launching the Subway®-IPC/FoodLogiQ Traceability Program.  Using FoodLogiQ Connect’s Track + Trace together with GS1 US Foodservice Standards, our supply chain partners can manage and track their shipments from the manufacturing plants all the way to the restaurant.  That supply chain visibility mitigates risk, which is extremely valuable when consumer safety is at stake.”

Angarita will share her expertise on traceability and why it is one of the pillars of blockchain technology when she speaks on behalf of IPC/Subway® at the following upcoming events sponsored by the National Restaurant Association:

National Restaurant Association Supply Chain Management Executive Study Group
Wednesday, October 24, Orlando, FL (10:55 am - 12:10 pm ET)
Topic: GS1 and Blockchain Traceability Collaboration
Moderator: Mike Schwartz, Vice President, Member Value, International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA)
Panelists: Angela Fernandez, Vice President, Retail Grocery and Foodservice, GS1 US; Jay Williams, Founder, CTO & Managing Partner, Williams Technology Group; Lucelena Angarita, Director, Supply Chain Traceability, Independent Purchasing Cooperative, Inc. (SUBWAY Franchisee); Matt Cosson, Senior Vice President, Distribution & Logistics, ARCOP (Arby's Supply Chain Coop); Jay Overstreet, Director, Supply Chain, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

National Restaurant Association Restaurant Innovation Summit
Thursday, November 8, Dallas, TX (10 - 10:45 pm ET)
Topic: Blockchain in the Kitchen
Panelists: Katy Jones, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, FoodLogiQ; Charles Irizarry, Chief Technology Officer, FoodLogiQ; Lucelena Angarita, Director, Supply Chain Traceability, IPC/Subway®; Kevin Otto, Sr. Director, Industry Engagement - FoodService, GS1 US

To learn more about how FoodLogiQ’s cloud-based solutions help customers with traceability, food safety and supply chain transparency, request a demo.


Posted by Katy Jones on Oct 24, 2018 10:08:18 AM

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