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Traceability 101: Tips for Achieving Farm-to-Fork Supply Chain Transparency [WEBINAR]

Thinking of pursuing greater transparency across your restaurant's supply chain? 

Don't miss our free Webinar: Traceability 101: Tips for Achieving Farm-to-Fork Supply Chain Transparency to Increase Food Safety and Manage Quality. Amid national attention around foodborne illnesses and increasing customer demand, it’s more important than ever for restaurant operators to achieve greater transparency throughout their food supply chain. On March 1, 2016, you'll be able to learn how two restaurant operators are taking a proactive approach to implementing end-to-end traceability across their supply chain. 

SXSW Meetup: What's behind the menu, and why it matters to the future of food

Are you going to SXSW this year? We'll be there discussing NextGen Food and AgTech applications at a Meetup hosted by BlueCart,  makers of a free app for restaurants and vendors to simplify their ordering process. We're partnering with BlueCart to spark conversations on how to address inefficiencies in the system and talk through the latest innovations in supply chain, from field to wholesalers to restaurants. We'll be talking food waste, food safety, wild food, seed banks, the future of farming, local sourcing and more, so join the conversation and share those big opinions! 

FoodLogiQ's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, here's a look back at FoodLogiQ's top 5, most viewed blog posts from this year. Whether it was DNA testing on hot dogs or compliance with the new Food Safety Modernization Act rulings, here they are in case you missed them...  

Top 2016 Foodservice Trends Roundup: What's Up?

Uber-delivered gourmet at your doorstep, a continued focus on hyper-local food sourcing, the emergence of a new segment called "Food Halls" and retailers tapping into "dwell time" to increase food sales -- just a few of the trends that will shake up the foodservice industry in 2016. 

Unit growth & technology drive restaurant optimism in 2016

Restaurant executives are highly optimistic about their growth projections for 2016 thanks to planned new unit development, same-store sales improvement and investments in technology, according to the first-ever restaurant company survey from accounting consulting firm RSM International. 

According to Nation's Restaurant News, the survey targeted executives from smaller concepts in the hopes of getting more growth-focused chains. Over 75 percent of the companies represented have fewer than 25 units. 

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