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FoodLogiQ's Manage + Monitor Incident Management Tips and Tricks

In addition to supplier management, one of the advantages of using FoodLogiQ’s Manage + Monitor is for food companies and restaurants to track quality issues across their supply chain. By capturing detailed and customized information about each incident, you can track and share documentation and pictures with your supply chain partners.

Why Supply Chain Transparency is Critical to Your Business and Customer Loyalty

Food companies are facing unprecedented pressure to provide supply chain transparency not only to comply with FSMA and other regulations but to earn customer trust and loyalty. A recent FoodLogiQ survey of 2,000+ consumers revealed that supply chain transparency by food companies is a critical driver in consumer purchasing decisions and brand loyalty.

Buffalo Wild Wings Reveals the Secret to Saving Time Managing Quality Issues

Founded in 1982, with headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, Buffalo Wild Wings is a rapidly growing fast casual chain with over 1200 locations. This restaurant group knows a “wing” or two about managing and optimizing their supply chain. To achieve this visibility, Buffalo Wild Wings is using FoodLogiQ’s Manage + Monitor solution for supplier and quality issue management.

One of those leading the charge is Erin Kvittem, Senior Supply Chain Professional, at Buffalo Wild Wings who so kindly shared her story of how she is driving improvements within the company. Notably, she streamlined processes using FoodLogiQ that created nearly a 90% reduction in time spent managing quality issues.

FoodLogiQ Launches API Platform to Connect Food Chain

Food industry can utilize FoodLogiQ’s platform to centralize IoT, blockchain data

FoodLogiQ has announced the launch of its API as a Service offering within FoodLogiQ’s Connect platform. FoodLogiQ is now positioned as the centralized technology hub for the food supply chain.   

FoodLogiQ enables its customers to achieve end-to-end traceability while supporting safe and high quality food products across the supply chain. The data being gathered in FoodLogiQ’s platform - from critical tracking events, quality incidents and market withdrawals to product attributes, compliance documentation and supplier data - will now connect with other advanced technologies in the food industry.

Seal the Seasons Selects FoodLogiQ for Traceability and Food Safety Initiatives

CPG company leverages supply chain technology as part of their high growth strategy

We are excited to announce that Seal the Seasons has chosen the FoodLogiQ suite of solutions for supplier management, food safety compliance and supply chain visibility!

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