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National Cortina Sails Through FDA Inspection by Streamlining Supplier Compliance

National Cortina is a growing food importer and the go-to source for high quality food ingredients for over 50 years. Headquartered outside of New York City in New Jersey, they provide both imported and domestic ingredients to industrial, private label, and foodservice customers. After the rolling out and implementation of the FDA’s most sweeping reform to the food safety supply chain, known as the Food Safety and Modernization Act or FSMA for short, National Cortina was succumbed to abide by a new set of regulations that was set forth by FSMA.

Bareburger Delivers on Transparency Brand Promise by Digitizing the Supply Chain

Consumers are demanding more transparency from food companies. They are seeking out  brands that are sourcing foods from local, organic farms that have dropped GMOs and those that avoid preservatives and chemicals. They are gravitating to companies like Bareburger who are including this transparency information in their marketing through labeling and advertising. Through greater traceability and sharing this information, food companies can strengthen their brands and earn customer trust, loyalty and more purchasing power.

To meet customers’ demands for local and organic ingredients, Bareburger looked to FoodLogiQ to help streamline supplier management, create supply chain visibility and mitigate supplier risk.  

PMA Fresh Summit Convention + Expo Spotlights Emerging Technology

PMA Fresh Summit is the premier event for the global fresh produce and floral supply chain and will take place October 19-21, 2017 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention center in New Orleans.

Elon Musk and renewable energy, Blockchain and supply chain traceability technology, Uber Freight, and GDSN, have dominated the headlines lately.  But you aren’t exactly sure what they are or if they can potentially affect your business? Join FoodLogiQ’s co-founder, Andrew Kennedy and other industry experts, including moderator Ed Treacy, vice president of supply chain efficiencies of PMA, for the Fresh Summit session, Emerging Supply Chain Technologies: Game Changers or Toy of the Month? on Thursday, October 19 at 12:45pm CDT. They will demystify these hot topics and answer your questions.

FoodLogiQ Manage + Monitor Product Demo

Gain Supplier Visibility with a One-Stop Dashboard

We invite you to join our demo of Manage + Monitor. The demo will take place on Thursday, October 26th, 2017 at 2:00pm EDT and registration is required. 

How much time do you spend managing your food suppliers? If you fail to manage and monitor your suppliers, adverse situations like recalls or withdrawals can quickly spiral out of control. By effectively managing your supplier relationships you can deliver your brand promise and give your customers exactly what they're asking for.

Amazon Produce Network Increases Efficiency and Visibility by Streamlining Supplier Management

Sparked by the idea to provide mangoes year-round to the United States, the founders of  Amazon Produce Network launched their company in 2000. Now the largest importer and distributor of mangoes in the United States, the company provides coast-to-coast distribution with offices in New Jersey, Texas and California. Built on the business values of total transparency and being the stewards of their growers’ products, Amazon’s customers include Whole Foods Market, Del Monte, Costco, Kroger, Meijer, Safeway, and Sam’s Club.

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