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Food Companies Embracing Transparency in Sustainability Practices are Connecting with Consumers

Consumers crave authentic engagement with the food they buy. Brands that are winning market share are backing up marketing claims with food supply chain transparency. Consumers are looking more closely at who is producing their food. Millennials especially are seeking more detailed information about sustainable food options. How can you share your brand's story in a way that will appeal to this need for authenticity?

4 Surprising Consumer Trends Food Retailers Should Know

We can all recall a litany of consumer food trends of years past, from shunning carbohydrates, sodium or fat, to obsessing over the latest “superfood.” But as much as consumer preferences ebb and flow, they’re an important bellwether of buying habits and an opportunity for food retailers to cater to influential markets.

How Marketers Can Improve Food Industry Brand Reputation

Imagine this: Two co-workers exit an office building at lunchtime, chatting about where they should eat. One mentions a favorite local chain just blocks away. “They’re fast and always delicious,” she says. Her co-worker shakes his head vigorously. “No way! Didn’t you see the news? They had a salmonella outbreak last week.”

And so the seed is planted. For weeks, and possibly months, the coworkers will avoid the restaurant. The risk of consuming unsafe food will stay in the back of their minds, and they’ll pass along the information to friends and family. For these formerly loyal patron, and thousands like them, the brand is tarnished.

As a marketer, you know how important food industry brand reputation is to consumers. But how can you keep your brand safe from becoming a dirty word when news organizations publicize your misfortunes? To help you out, we’ve compiled our top three tips.

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