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Embracing the Value of FoodLogiQ’s Global Supplier Network

As the industry-leading software solution for traceability, transparency, recall and supply chain management, FoodLogiQ Connect provides a whole host of benefits leveraged by some of the world’s largest and most distinguished food and beverage brands. The Connect platform supports an extensive range of use cases, and solves for a wide array of issues, inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization across the supply chain. FoodLogiQ customers utilize Connect in a variety of applications to strengthen, expand and enhance their food safety and supply chain management processes every day.

Get to Know the Supplier To-Do List in 5 Quick Questions

FoodLogiQ Technical Support Lead Christa Brice shares insights on the 5 key questions suppliers have about the Supplier To-Do List, a feature built to streamline supplier management and collaboration.

When it comes to the ins and outs of food safety, the role of the supplier is an integral one. Providing food products, detailing specifications, supplying necessary documentation and completing routine tasks according to partner standards are all key aspects of any supplier’s day-to-day. In the midst of this organized chaos, it’s incredibly helpful to utilize a solution that is straightforward, intuitive and geared towards the supplier’s use case, as well as to have support in navigating it

How Frontier Co-op Streamlined Their Supply Chain for People, Planet, and Profit

Founded in 1976 and based in Norway, Iowa, Frontier Co-op is a cooperatively-owned wholesaler of natural and organic products under the Frontier Co-op, Simply Organic and Aura Cacia brands. With more than 25,000 member-owners and over 500 employees, they manufacture and distribute products throughout the United States and Canada.

Maintaining Service Excellence as a Major Supplier with Stratas Foods

With over 1,000 employees servicing large customers like Captain D’s, industry-leading supplier Stratas Foods stays ahead of the curve to ensure they are delivering fresh, cost-effective products to their clients.

Having good suppliers for restaurants and retailers is almost as important as having the best food. They go hand in hand, since both the quality of the products, along with their price and availability, are crucial to success. Overpriced supplies can break the budget before the doors even open. On the other hand, cutting corners on quality can destroy a reputation and leave customers looking for better quality somewhere else.

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