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How Tropical Smoothie Cafe is Creating a Powerful Food Safety Program

While the constant change and evolution of the food industry can be exhausting, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a food supply chain professional. You’re responsible for driving major technological and process advancements that are sure to make your job even more critical to your organization’s success. But where do you get started?

To learn how some of the best-known brands are making strides in supply chain traceability, we sat down with Tropical Smoothie Cafe Director of Supply Chain Jamie Davis. Keep reading to discover how Jamie is making food safety the brand’s No. 1 priority.

Can you tell us about your background, and your journey to your role as director of supply chain with Tropical Smoothie?
My background has always been in supply chain management, but in my earlier career, I focused more on logistics and distribution. When I joined Tropical Smoothie Café as Supply Chain Director in 2014, it was a newly created position. We had about 360 locations, we were growing fast, and even though we outsource distribution to a consulting company, the CEO saw the need for an internal supply chain position.

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