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FoodLogiQ CEO Discusses Supply Chain Risk During Food Logistics Webinar

As the food supply chain becomes longer and more complex, the risk to food companies is amplifying. From food safety to regulatory compliance to the negative consequences of a recall to a brand and its reputation, the need for a comprehensive risk mitigation program is crucial.

Please join our CEO, Dean Wiltse and Lara Sowinski, Editorial Director of Food Logistics, on Tuesday, December 12 at 1:00pm EST who will discuss food supply chain risk, what it looks like, where it resides, and how to formulate a risk mitigation plan. Register here.

FoodLogiQ Recall + Response Demo

It's Time for a Better Way to Handle Recalls

Join FoodLogiQ for a live demo of Recall + Response  on Thursday, December 7th, 2017 at 2:00pm EST and learn how you can initiate a recall or stock withdrawal across all your locations simultaneously from FoodLogiQ Connect, using email, phone and text.

Recall + Response was created specifically to address food recall needs. Step away from error-prone spreadsheets and frantic phone calls with a templated, customized process - one that's automated with the push of a button.

Food Industry Leaders Share Recall Management Best Practices at the 2017 Food Safety Consortium

As we reflect back on 2017, food recalls continued to dominate our headlines even after the implementation of FSMA. Our industry has taken corrective actions to limit risk. We want to protect consumers as well as our brands, limiting the financial and reputational damage that a recall can inflict on a company. We, along with consumers, are also more aware and in tune with the news due to social media and the 24-hour news cycle. It may appear that there are more recalls, but I would argue, that the industry is more proactive and more accountable by submitting itself to voluntary recalls. Without a doubt, the food industry is under increased pressure.

At the Crossroads of Food Safety and Consumer Transparency

The food industry is experiencing a true transformation unlike anything it has seen in over 50 years. Processes are being modernized to meet FSMA compliance and food safety regulations. At the same time, there has been an overwhelming flood of consumer interest in the food they eat.

1WorldSync Guest Blog: Let's Get Real! Transparency Totally Transforms Product Content

The following blog is contributed by Medha Pratap, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing at 1WorldSync.

According to Fortune Magazine, food contamination costs the food industry $55.5 billion a year. Historically, the foodservice industry has focused on how to manufacture, distribute and sell items. However, in recent years, there has been a shift and product content transparency is a key component driving buyer behavior.

Recall Readiness E-book

Food Safety & Traceability Software Buyer's Guide

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The Fact, Fiction and Future of Blockchain with FoodLogiQ

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