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Navigating Food Compliance in 2022: A Focus on Food Traceability

Each year, companies lose millions of dollars to food recalls. While your company’s brand and reputation are on the line when it comes to pulling a potentially harmful product off the shelves, what’s even more important is the threat of harming the consumer if you don’t do it quickly and efficiently. 

2022 Food Product Recall Trends

While preventative action can be taken to mitigate the effects of a food product recall, it’s something that your company needs to be prepared for at any time. Food product recalls can change a company's whole dynamic from financial devastation to reputational damage – after all, the average food recall totals $2-$10 million in direct costs. 

What Are the Steps When Doing a Food Recall?

When a business must issue a food recall, a proper recall plan must be already in place to minimize its effects. This will allow the company to mitigate more significant problems by reducing the time necessary to act. Whether the recall is self-initiated or by FDA mandate, it’s critical to have a guidebook for any potential scenario.

LIVE DEMO | 4 Important Items On Your Product Removal Checklist

Product removals and withdrawals range from contamination with a pathogen, such as E. coli, to a foreign object, such as metal, to a nutrient imbalance or undeclared allergens. But one thing is for sure: when your brand is involved in a removal or withdrawal event, it's inconvenient at best—and permanently destructive at worst. To ensure better outcomes, preparing a product removal checklist that corresponds with FDA guidelines is important. You'll be ready to face a product removal or market withdrawal situation.

Minimizing the Impact of Food Product Recalls

The global food system is more complex and complicated today than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to reevaluate their current supply chains, as businesses needed to find ways to establish greater resiliency and transparency in response to global supply chain disruptions and changes in consumer demand. Many of our products come from various sources across multiple supply chains worldwide.

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