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FoodLogiQ's New Exception Reports: Expanding Visibility Through Traceability

As the world grows more eager and encouraged to trace the intricate details of the global food supply chain, the concept of traceability, what it entails and what it can achieve continues to expand. And so does the food industry’s research, knowledge, adoption and management of it. Even regulatory bodies are expressing their dedication to the development and evolution of strategies and guidance for embracing and engaging in traceability – just take the FDA’s recent release of their long-awaited strategic blueprint for the New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative, for example.

Increasing Supplier Compliance through FoodLogiQ’s New Attribute Alerts

One of FoodLogiQ’s main focuses has, and continues to be, supporting the network of suppliers that make food safety programs possible. Enabling and improving supplier compliance is not only critical to the success of your food safety strategies, but is also key to ensuring consumer safety, fortifying your brand promise and providing transparency into your practices. It’s also essential to making your supply chain partnerships as well-oiled, collaborative, productive and long-standing as possible. And it’s FoodLogiQ’s goal to empower you and your suppliers to work together cohesively, cooperatively and efficiently for ongoing success.

FoodLogiQ’s Spring 2020 Release: Attribute Alerts, Exception Reports, Email Digests and More

FoodLogiQ’s mission is simple, but impactful: to map the world’s food chain, make it as safe as possible and empower people to make informed decisions about the food they eat. One of the fundamental pillars that supports this mission is a commitment to advancing innovation and technology in the food industry, together with our customers, while delivering the highest standards of products and services.

Introducing the FoodLogiQ Idea Exchange

Customer feedback and collaboration has been incredibly important to FoodLogiQ since our inception. We believe that listening to what our customers have to say is essential to continuously building and providing an amazing product. And we’re not alone - more and more emphasis is being placed on the importance of customer insights in product development across the industry.

Dr. Hal King to Give Keynote at reCONNECT 2020

FoodLogiQ's third annual user group meeting, reCONNECT 2020, will be held in Raleigh, NC, on March 24 - 26, 2020.

At reCONNECT 2020, FoodLogiQ customers and their suppliers will meet and network with other users of the FoodLogiQ Connect platform while sharing best practices on how they are utilizing the software to advance food safety, traceability and transparency. The agenda will feature a full day of platform training, followed by two consecutive days of large group presentations, topical panel sessions and customer-led discussions.

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