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FoodLogiQ 2020 Year-in-Review: Realizing a More Resilient Food Industry

FoodLogiQ is excited to present a few of our company's significant accomplishments of the last year, as well as key 2020 metrics that reflect achievements in strengthening the transparency and traceability of the global food supply chain during a tumultuous year for the food industry.

“2020 has been a year with no shortage of trials for the food system and for the world at large. We are proud to have been part of a historic effort to come together as an industry, and keep the food supply chain as safe and resilient as possible,” says FoodLogiQ CEO Sean O’Leary. “As a company, FoodLogiQ has broken a number of records, participated in boundary-pushing initiatives and expanded our customer base in some truly exciting ways. We know our exponential growth this year is tied to a more transparent, technology-enabled food system, and we anticipate 2021 will bring more successes as we continue to usher in a New Era of Smarter Food Safety.” 

FoodLogiQ Completes AICPA Type 2 SOC 2 Examination of Security Control and Compliance Requirements in 2020

FoodLogiQ Connect once again meets security and availability standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) with zero exceptions listed.

We are excited to announce that FoodLogiQ has successfully completed a Type 2 SOC 2 Service Organization Control (SOC 2) examination of the FoodLogiQ Connect platform. The audit was conducted by Hughes, Pittman and Gupton, LLP, an independently owned and operated member firm of CPAmerica, Inc., one of the largest associations of CPA firms in the United States. After a rigorous examination, independent auditors issued an unqualified opinion, confirming that FoodLogiQ once again meets the SOC 2 standards for Security and Availability Trust Services Principles with zero exceptions listed.

Enhanced Visibility, Product Quality and Safety with FoodLogiQ’s New Internal Audits

There’s no denying that, in the world of food safety and product quality assurance, auditing is a staple. At the end of the day, a robust auditing program can make or break a brand and its affiliated reputation. This is because, by nature, audits empower organizations to institute preventive measures, continually uphold product quality and safety, and, when necessary, address issues swiftly and definitively – consistently maintaining brand promise and therefore, consumer trust.

FoodLogiQ’s Fall 2020 Release: Internal Audits, Permissioning Capabilities, Data Normalization and More

With each product release of 2020, FoodLogiQ has planned, primed and delivered developments and enhancements to the FoodLogiQ Connect platform. This investment in the direction and evolution of the FoodLogiQ product stems from, and continues to align with, several guiding, strategic priorities. Among these extensive priorities are: the ability to offer active monitoring and enhanced reporting, a dedication to data process and normalization, and efforts to nurture and expand the FoodLogiQ developer community.

Simplifying the Supplier Experience through Dashboard Quick Actions and Supplier Workflow Shortcuts

Your suppliers’ success is your success. It’s a bold statement, but an accurate one that we’re reminded of time and again. The successful movement of your products through the supply chain, the quality of that product and the integrity of your brand is directly impacted by your suppliers’ ability to consistently, efficiently and transparently deliver. And much of that delivery, as well as the symbiotic relationship with your supplier, is based on their user experience.

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