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The Art of Selection: Choosing the Right Quality Incident Management Solution

Let’s set the stage. You’ve identified gaps in your quality management processes, pinpointed areas for improvement within your quality organization, and recognize that a technological solution is key for elevating the success of your brand’s quality management program. Now, you’re faced with the decision of selecting the right software provider to alleviate your challenges and take your quality incident management strategy to the next level. 

FoodLogiQ’s Summer ‘21 Release Expands Connect Data Links, Enables Audits-Based Incidents and Enhances SSO Functionality

The FoodLogiQ commitment to building a safe, connected food system starts and ends on the FoodLogiQ Connect Platform. With each new release, we strive to drive the industry forward by enabling the success of our users. In collaboration with our customers, we identify opportunities for greater efficiency and innovation across a diversity of supply chains and operational configurations. Our Summer ‘21 Release is no different, as we lower the barrier to take action, collaborate and identify important links between the thousands of products, locations, documents and events taking place on our platform. Review the highlights of our latest product enhancements below.

FoodLogiQ’s Spring ‘21 Release Introduces Connect Data Links, UI Enhancements and Intricate Withdrawal Communication

FoodLogiQ’s commitment to our customers and industry partners is a driving force in advancing innovation and technology within the FoodLogiQ Connect platform, as well as throughout the food industry. Together with valued customer input, this commitment is one that drives and guides each of our product developments and releases – and one that is especially apparent in the delivery of our latest release. FoodLogiQ’s Spring Release has a heightened focus on Audits and Assessments functionality, bridging relationships across a connected platform and enhanced recall communication for streamlined resolution. Review the highlights of our latest product enhancements and innovation, below.

Streamlining Product Withdrawal Resolution with FoodLogiQ's New Recall + Response Functionality

The food and beverage manufacturing industry is no stranger to the commonality of product removals and withdrawals. On the contrary, leading food manufacturers and distributors execute and respond to product removal and recall events on a frequent basis – often several times a day. In addition, research shows that recalls in the U.S. have risen over the past decade. According to a report released by the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), the total number of food recalls in the U.S. increased by 10% between 2013 and 2018. Meat and poultry incidents rose by 67% during this time frame, and Class I recalls of meat and poultry increased by 83%.

FoodLogiQ’s Winter 2021 Release: Expanding Recall + Response Functionality, Role-Based Permissions, Mobile Compatibility and Integrations

One of FoodLogiQ’s core tenets and guiding principles is our commitment to our customers. This commitment is showcased in a variety of ways and is driven by the promise to deliver the highest standards of products and services, as well as to innovate and enhance our product on a consistent basis. As part of this process, FoodLogiQ takes pride in encouraging, listening to and incorporating the thoughts and ideas of our partners. Our Winter 2021 Release would not be nearly as complete or innovative without the inclusion of those thoughts and ideas. In that spirit, we’re excited to divulge the details of this most recent release.

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