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Foreign Supplier Verification Program / FSMA / FDA / FSVP

The Records You Need Under the Foreign Supplier Verification Program

Make sure your relationships with foreign suppliers are compliant under the FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) by reviewing a full list of required records.

It just got a little easier to see the documentation you need when managing foreign suppliers. The FDA has published an up to date list of the records required for the FSVP, a rule established under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to ensure companies importing foreign food products are compliant with US food safety standards.

The Foreign Supplier Verification Program 

Initially published on November 27, 2015, the compliance dates for the FSVP have been rolling out since 2017 based on the size of the foreign supplier and regulation around respective products. The compliance dates align with other FSMA compliance dates to help ensure importers are up to date on their own compliance requirements first (so make sure you’re keeping an eye on other FSMA dates as well). The final FSVP dates are right around the corner, requiring foreign suppliers of all sizes be compliant by July 27, 2020. 


FSVP Required Documents

Download the FDA’s latest list of records required under the FSVP. The document covers the following key questions:


What foreign supplier verification program (FSVP) must you have?

Depending on your organization, learn about what type of program you must implement in order to verify you foreign suppliers.


What hazard analysis must you conduct?

Under FSVP, you may be required to submit biological, chemical, and physical hazard analysis, hazard evaluations, and pathogen analysis. Make sure you're doing all the required testing and keeping organized records of your findings.


What evaluation for foreign supplier approval and verification must you conduct?

The rule requires importers to conduct risk and performance analysis of foreign suppliers. Ensure your suppliers are properly vetted and verified!


What foreign supplier verification and related activities must you conduct?

There are required procedures for assessing food importers under the FSVP rule for both approved and unapproved suppliers, including sample analysis, audits, and more.


What corrective actions must you take under your FSVP?

You need to be prepared to respond to risks and improve your program. What strategy will you implement for performing investigations and modifying your verification program in response to an incident?


How must the importer be identified at entry?

Make sure you’re prepared in advance of your import and have the electronic documents you need to file entry with CBP.


How must records be maintained for your FSVP?

The document covers records maintenance and retention. While the FDA document states you may keep your records as true copies, you must also make sure you maintain legible records for at least two years, and store them in such a way that they will not deteriorate or be lost. The easiest way to do this is to maintain an electronic record of your documents. FoodLogiQ Manage + Monitor can help you keep your documents up to date, organized, and compliant with FSMA and the FSVP rule. Request a demo today!

Posted by Katy Jones on Oct 11, 2019 5:17:02 PM

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