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Supply Chain Visibility a Key Challenge Throughout Food Industry

Rapidly-growing fast casual chain Buffalo Wild Wings to share tips and best practices on proactively managing quality across the supply chain through technology

When food industry leaders gathered for reCONNECT 2018, our inaugural FoodLogiQ user group meeting, we asked them a series of questions about the challenges and opportunities that are directly affecting their businesses in 2018.  The feedback we received was enlightening.

“We are facing mounting food safety regulations, the most sweeping legislative shift in 70 years.”

“There is national attention regarding food safety, unlike ever before; it’s in the newsroom and in the boardroom.”

“Customers are demanding food safety and transparency, and they’re willing to pay for it.”

“The demand for fresh, local, ‘clean’ food is changing the way every one of us is doing business.”

And then we asked one final question: In your profession, is there one business issue that keeps you up at night?

The answers came fast and furious, but the overriding theme was clear: supply chain visibility.  Having easy access to quality data that provides supply chain visibility is a must-have for the food industry and an essential component of business success.

Supply Chain Visibility Through Technology

The flow of quality information among all stakeholders throughout a company’s supply chain is critical to maintaining food safety and quality, meeting regulatory requirements, enabling company growth, and brand integrity.  The challenge comes when disparate data sources compromise your reporting accuracy. Multiple, unrelated sources of information almost always lead to a muddied view of your company’s performance in all of these areas.

The benefits of having quality data are numerous, and using technology to house that information in a centralized location allows an organization to get a clean, holistic view of business and performance.  The results? Data integrity, meaning one single source of the truth; time and money savings; and clear supply chain visibility within a cross-functional system that everyone in the organization can use to proactively manage product quality.

Learn from the Experts

Join us on Wednesday, May 30, when FoodLogiQ will sponsor a live Fast Casual  webinar entitled, “How Buffalo Wild Wings Uses Technology to Improve Supply Chain Quality.” Our featured guest, Buffalo Wild Wings Supplier Quality Manager Emily Grisbeck, will share how this rapidly growing fast casual chain is taking a proactive approach to managing quality and achieving supply chain visibility by using FoodLogiQ Connect’s Manage + Monitor solution for supplier and quality issue management.

Topics will include:

  • Approaches and best practices to managing data  
  • How to leverage data to make more informed supply chain decisions
  • How to go about creating a process for capturing quality incidents and communicating directly with suppliers

For more information register for the live webinar.


Posted by Katy Jones on May 14, 2018 8:56:30 AM

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