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How Buffalo Wild Wings Uses Technology to Improve Supply Chain Quality

Join us on Wednesday, May 30, when FoodLogiQ will sponsor a live Fast Casual webinar entitled, “How Buffalo Wild Wings Uses Technology to Improve Supply Chain Quality.Our featured guest, Buffalo Wild Wings Supplier Quality Manager Emily Grisbeck, will share how this rapidly growing fast casual chain is taking a proactive approach to managing quality and achieving supply chain visibility by using FoodLogiQ Connect’s Manage + Monitor solution for supplier and quality issue management.

Register for the webinar and learn how Buffalo Wild Wings:

  • Manages all of their supplier data in one place, including individual suppliers and their contact information, their product ingredients and specifications, and their entire library of supplier documentation;
  • Enables their stores to use quality reporting to create incident reports about nonconforming product and get credit for it - data that BWW can track to hold suppliers accountable;
  • Has clear supply chain visibility within their restaurants, showing a complete history of each and every incident;
  • Has a built-in reporting tool within FoodLogiQ to give BWW quick views of emerging issues.

FoodLogiQ Connect allows you to:

  • Centralize your supply chain in the Cloud and cut the time it takes to manage your suppliers in half with Manage + Monitor. Capture and track quality issues, centralize communication with suppliers and process credit requests.
  • Go beyond "one-up-one-back" to achieve enhanced, lot-level traceability with Track + Trace. Gather critical tracking events to trace forward and back across every step of your supply chain.
  • Respond to food recalls with speed and accuracy with Recall + Response.

For more information about how Buffalo Wild Wings has partnered with FoodLogiQ, please register for the webinar on May 30th.


Posted by Katy Jones on May 29, 2018 9:06:16 AM

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