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Building Supply Chain Efficiencies within a Fast-Growing Business

What drives a company to pursue supply chain efficiency? There are many motivating factors, including time and money savings; FSMA requirements and the company’s need for compliance and farm-to-fork traceability; and concerns about potential consumer health risks following a product recall and the subsequent harm to the seller’s brand.

Bryan Cohn, Vice President of Supply Chain & Market Development at Seal the Seasons, says these are all valid reasons that led the Chapel Hill, NC-based frozen produce company to investigate their options for a comprehensive software solution to manage their supply chain.  Seal the Seasons selected FoodLogiQ’s Connect platform because it has enabled the company to make truly actionable, intelligent business decisions in a matter of minutes, rather than weeks.

“For Seal the Seasons, 2018 is the year of the supply chain,” Cohn explains.  “Since we began in 2015, we’ve developed great relationships with our suppliers - both large and small - and developed processes for procuring fresh local product from them and freezing it for local distribution.  We also feel confident using Connect to trace products back to individual farms and fields.  Our next steps in supply chain management will be related to food safety compliance as well as our recall procedures.”

Cohn says in the event of an audit from a regulatory authority, Seal the Seasons will be able to use FoodLogiQ’s assessment tool in conjunction with all of their current food safety systems to produce accurate, immediate documentation upon request. Since Connect operates on an open API, it works in tandem with the company’s other systems, and data is easily pulled and aligned for regulatory review.

While a product recall has the potential to become a company nightmare, preparedness is the key to successfully addressing the situation.  Cohn says that thanks to FoodLogiQ’s Recall + Response, Seal the Seasons is now armed with the tools they need if they ever have to retrieve a product after it’s gone into distribution.   

“Prior to our partnership with FoodLogiQ, we used email and phone calls to notify our internal stakeholders if a product needed to be recalled - a process that could take hours or days; it was not the ideal situation.  However, with Recall + Response, we have the ability to identify a recall, execute a recall, and confirm we have product off the shelf within 24 to 48 hours, which is the ultimate goal. In fact, now it’s much more likely that we would be able to recall the product even before it leaves our warehouse.  At the end of the day, FoodLogiQ’s Connect has been a real game-changer for us.”  

Join us on Thursday, February 15, 2018, at 2:00pm EST when FoodLogiQ will host a live webinar featuring Bryan Cohn.  During our discussion, we’ll dig deeper into the benefits of a streamlined supply chain management system and learn why Cohn’s company chose to invest in a software solution that is helping to guide its future success in the food service industry.

Additional topics we’ll cover include:

  • A comparison of product lab sampling before-and-after the use of a software solution.
  • The prevention of a product recall BEFORE the frozen food ever makes it to distribution.
  • The exploration and expansion of the vendor/buyer relationship through education and online training.
  • How supply chain events are being reported to stakeholders in real-time.


Posted by Katy Jones on Jan 24, 2018 8:48:55 AM

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