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Food For Thought: Meal Kits, Supply Chain, and Customer Success

We welcome FoodLogiQ customer success manager Robbie Wiggins as a new guest blogger to our website.  If you’ve had the privilege of working with Robbie, you know he’s customer-centric and 100% committed to making your journey with FoodLogiQ a top-notch experience.

Like it or not, meal kit services have become a part of the American food landscape. Hailed by many as an innovative breakthrough in an industry not exactly known for disruption, and in an economy ever more competitive for one’s time and attention, the meal kit market is now valued at over $1.5 billion.

And be advised: the meal kit is in a different class than your typical lunchbox.  A meal kit is, in fact, a collection of ingredients that are often delivered pre-portioned and pre-packaged, allowing the consumer to effortlessly throw together an impressive meal.  Really craving that Vietnamese-inspired spicy lemongrass pork with coconut rice and cabbage salad, but don’t have the time to prep? The meal kit is where it’s at.

Americans have found themselves loving these pre-packaged goodies, and over the past three years, research has shown meal-kit consumption to be on the rise. In some cases, the purchase of meal kits has outpaced the sale of other forms of food, like fast food and grocery stores, by three-fold.

These impressive numbers beg the question, why the fascination with meal kit services?  The answer is pretty simple:

  • Your own personal sous chef: Meal kits are created by a team of food professionals working behind the scenes to put together a product that’s easy, pre-packaged, consolidated, and ready to be consumed;
  • Ease of use: The meal kit takes minimal effort to use, and it delivers exceptional value.  It’s centered around a thing that all humans need—food—and makes the approach to meals manageable.  
  • A quick ROI: Meal kit users see the service as a tool that helps them accomplish multiple goals; they get to enjoy cooking a great meal while saving time, energy and money.  Those are motivating factors that keep customers coming back for more.

These same concepts have been baked (pun intended?) into our products here at FoodLogiQ.  We provide technology solutions that allow food safety professionals to manage their suppliers, similar to the way meal kit services enable consumers to manage their meal planning.  Humans need food, and food safety professionals need to evaluate and monitor risk within their supply chain. So, in much the same way a person on the go wants to enjoy a great meal without so much of the planning and the associated tasks, FoodLogiQ Connect assists in the collection of supply chain data, saving food safety professionals time, energy and money and allowing them to focus on data analysis.

As a member of FoodLogiQ’s Customer Success team, I’m here and ready to help you reach your business goals.  In the same way a team puts together recipes for meal kits, our team provides industry best practices and recommendations.

Those pre-packaged ingredients? That’s our implementation team assisting you in configuring FoodLogiQ Connect so you can take full advantage of its features with easy-to-follow instructions and a smooth transition into our post-implementation services. And in the same way meal kit services survey you about your satisfaction with their products and services, we always seek honest and open feedback about FoodLogiQ Connect by encouraging our customers to submit ideas to help us fine-tune our products to better serve you.

Ultimately, the FoodLogiQ Customer Success team wants food safety professionals to know that our ‘ingredients, recipes, and instructions’ have been structured in a way to deliver value and to make their FoodLogiQ journey one that’s worthwhile, allowing them to focus on the tasks that are most important to them.

To learn more about how FoodLogiQ can help you manage your supply chain for safety and quality assurance, request a demo.


Posted by Robbie Wiggins on Aug 30, 2018 10:41:56 AM

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