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FoodLogiQ’s Summer ’19 Release: New Supplier To-Dos, Document and Assessment Requirements

Supplier compliance. It’s arguably one of the most important elements of your supply chain program. If your suppliers do not complete the actions you require of them, this could greatly impact your business and you can ultimately be held accountable for the actions - or inactions - of your suppliers. 

Understanding how critical it is for your suppliers to understand your supply chain and food safety program requirements, we’ve taken steps to help suppliers within FoodLogiQ Connect better understand what actions are required of them and how to complete actions as quickly as possible. How? With an all new Supplier To-do List consisting of to-do action items located front-and-center on their Supplier Dashboard. 

Whether it’s a workflow to onboard a new supplier or a required certificate of insurance for all of your suppliers, this To-do List feature will allow your suppliers to see the action items you need from them right on their Supplier Dashboard. 

Specific features of the Supplier To-Do List include: 

  • All suppliers will have a new To-do List on their dashboard. The To-do List is community-specific and will highlight any documents they need to upload (based on requirements that have been set) or assessments they need to complete.
  • When fulfilling a document to-do for a shared product or location, the supplier can upload a new document, choose from documents of the same document type that have already been uploaded, or even choose from other documents that are in Connect but have not yet been shared to the target community. The entire experience can be accomplished without leaving the dashboard.
  • When fulfilling an assessment to-do, the supplier can choose to start a new assessment or pick from a different assessment that is already associated with other products or locations.
  • To-dos generated from optional requirements can be cleared if the supplier chooses to do so.
  • Expiring documents will also generate a to-do card and can be updated directly from the dashboard.  Notifications sent to suppliers with expiring documents will link directly to the supplier’s dashboard so they can take action.

Are you a supplier in FoodLogiQ Connect and need more information about the new Supplier To-Do List feature? Watch a short tutorial video on the new feature here. 

In addition to the new To-do List feature, we’re excited to introduce a variety of new functionality and platform enhancements.  The Summer ’19 Release of FoodLogiQ Connect will also include additional Document and Assessment Requirements. 

Document and Assessment Requirements


  • Document and assessment requirements can now be set at the Location Type or Product Type level. Setting a document requirement on the product or location type enables administrators to define what document or assessments the supplier must provide when they share a product or location of that respective type.  
  • Requirements may still be set at the supplier group level and will apply to all suppliers that are members of the group.
  • Document and assessment requirements can be made required or optional at the product and location type levels.
  • Administrators can choose to require documents or assessments based on a specific attribute of the shared product or location. This is configured on the product type or location type requirements and allows for conditional requirements without having to set up separate product or location types. Both “Yes/No” and selection list field types are available to use when setting attribute level requirements.

Add Document Requirements

Learn more in the FoodLogiQ Knowledge Base

Need a quick refresher or want to see how-to’s for the new functionality? Check out these FoodLogiQ Knowledge Base articles related to this release:

Want to see FoodLogiQ Connect in action? 

Join the FoodLogiQ team for a live demo on July 30th at 2:00 pm ET and learn more about the FoodLogiQ Connect platform. Reserve your seat for the live demo today!


Posted by Katy Jones on Jul 17, 2019 10:11:15 AM

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