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FoodLogiQ Unveils the Market’s First Real-Time Recall Management Solution During Upcoming Demo

See how this game-changing technology is modernizing recalls and stock withdrawals on June 15, 2017

We invite you to join our demo of Recall + Response, the first-of-its-kind recall management solution. This is the food industry’s first and only real-time, SaaS solution for recall and stock withdrawal management. This free demo will take place on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 2:00pm EDT and registration is required.

For much of the food industry, recalls are managed manually through paper, email, spreadsheet and phone calls. Serving as a centralized technology platform for executing stock withdrawals, recalls and mock recalls, Recall + Response empowers food companies both large and small to execute faster, more targeted recall management across their supply chain.

The technology launches automated communications including phone, email, and text notifications that are developed using pre-built templates in the platform. By preparing and documenting the recall plan in advance within Recall + Response, companies can ensure speed of delivery and consistency of notifications to their supply chain partners when a recall happens.

As seen in this product video, once the recall or stock withdrawal is launched, companies then monitor the platform’s dashboard to track the responses gathered and actions taken during a recall or stock withdrawal - all in real-time.

Recall + Response revolutionizes the way food companies can now manage one of the most critical issues they can face,” said Dean Wiltse, CEO of FoodLogiQ. “When time is of the essence and a brand’s reputation is at stake, companies need traceability and recall technology to streamline and document their precise management of the recall to regulators and their Board of Directors.”

Recall + Response enables users to:

Recall + Response enables users to:

  • Define and create withdrawal templates to plan and prepare for common types of recalls and stock withdrawals

  • Launch a mock recall in the platform to test your supply chain’s recall readiness

  • Tailor communications around a recall based on the type of contact or location configured in the FoodLogiQ Connect platform

  • Build in automatic escalation if no action is taken by a particular location or contact within a customized timeframe

  • Track the status and progress of your recall or stock withdrawal to know with certainty the issue has been fully resolved

The average cost of a recall to a food company is around $10 million in direct costs not including brand damage and lost sales. FoodLogiQ’s consumer transparency survey discovered that 50 percent of consumers expect that a recall should be resolved within 1-2 days and almost a quarter would never use or visit the brand again after a recall:


As consumers continue to set a precedent for food companies to be more transparent, FoodLogiQ’s technology enables food companies to meet their demands or risk losing their loyalty.

For more information about FoodLogiQ and its solutions, please register for the Recall + Response demo on June 15, request a consultation or please visit Booth #35 at the GS1 Connect 2017 conference, June 20-22, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

FoodLogiQ Connect Video Demo

Posted by Katy Jones on Jun 12, 2017 10:39:22 AM