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Conducting Product Specification Audits with FoodLogiQ Connect

Join our live demo of FoodLogiQ Connect's Manage + Monitor on Tuesday, August 20th at 2 PM ET and learn how you can ensure your suppliers' products adhere to your brand's specifications. 

Managing food quality audits has become increasingly complex with increased regulation in the food industry. Consumers are hyper-vigilant about the quality of the food they eat, and the transparency of the food companies that produce it for them. Without an effective food quality audit program, poor quality can destroy your brand loyalty and send customers to competitors.

FoodLogiQ Connect puts a powerful platform in the hands of your team. Track the progress of your auditing team and know where your suppliers stand - complete with notifications around expiration and workflows. Configure your key audit documents and standardize them across your entire supply chain - in a single platform - to ensure data integrity and food quality.

Register for the live demo and learn how you can:

  • Conduct audits against product specifications to better identify when products from your suppliers are out-of-spec;
  • View, filter, segment and compare how your suppliers responded to specific audit or assessment requirements for increased visibility;
  • Complete audits and assessments from any location in your supply chain on mobile devices, with or without Internet access.


Posted by Katy Jones on Aug 8, 2019 8:15:00 AM

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