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FoodLogiQ Dominating Produce Industry, Signs New Customers

Produce companies focused on growth and innovation select FoodLogiQ in quest for superior supply chain management, traceability and customer transparency

FoodLogiQ, the leading provider of food safety, traceability, and supply chain transparency software, is quickly becoming the go-to solution for produce growers, co-packers and distributors seeking global supply chain visibility, streamlined supplier management, and quality issue tracking and reporting. Among the recent produce companies to join FoodLogiQ’s growing customer base are Castellini Group, Jac Vandenberg, Nature's Finest, Green Garden Organics, Custom Produce, Your Local Greens, and Old Soul’s Farms.

The fresh produce industry faces a host of supply chain and food safety challenges, many of which relate to quick and easy access to data and technology. As demand grows to deliver a true farm-to-fork food experience for consumers, the produce industry must keep up with these demands and comply with regulations while maximizing efficiency across their operations. An increasing number of produce businesses are turning to technology to help automate and improve their supplier engagement, traceability, case-level labeling and food safety efforts.

“We are excited to add these produce companies to our growing list of customers who are proactively streamlining their operations while answering the call for greater transparency from their consumers,” said Dean Wiltse, CEO of FoodLogiQ. “FoodLogiQ is expanding at a rapid pace in the produce industry, and we are pleased to be providing these new customers with the visual and analytical reporting that will help drive strategic decisions for their businesses.”

With FoodLogiQ Connect, produce companies are working to:

  • Transition out of spreadsheets and emails and to engage with suppliers in a centralized, online communications platform.
  • Manage supplier approvals, keep notes on suppliers, and message directly with them.
  • Build and monitor a Supplier Dashboard to see exactly which suppliers have expired documentation and failed audits and which suppliers have the most quality incidents.
  • Ease FSMA and FSVP compliance with streamlined supplier documentation and template workflows to assemble food safety plans, implement corrective actions, support supplier verification, and centralize required recordkeeping.
  • Meet and exceed traceability requirements under FSMA and standardize supply chain data to share in the blockchain of food.
  • Empower growers and suppliers to produce GS1 and PTI-compliant product labels to become blockchain ready.
  • Capture and track quality issues with FoodLogiQ’s mobile app to document quality

Mounting food safety regulations are a source of worry and anxiety throughout the food industry, and for good reason; FSMA is the most sweeping legislation to affect us in over 70 years.  For Pacific International Marketing, a Salinas, California-based produce company, FSMA was the push they needed to find a different tool to help them manage the growers/suppliers they work with on a daily basis.  

“When we began looking at software solutions to help us with FSMA compliance, I vetted six different technology companies that work with fresh produce businesses like ours.  FoodLogiQ Connect rose to the top as the most user-friendly, turnkey operation that had all the things we needed to get all of our food safety documentation in one place” says Sharan Lanini, Director of Food Safety.  “Our ROI has been immediate due to the time- and money-savings we’ve experienced, and Manage + Monitor has made that possible.”

Lanini’s upper management also appreciates the Incidents piece of Manage + Monitor, as it provides the necessary data they need in the event of a food safety incident or concern.  “They have full and immediate access and visibility to all the quality incidents documentation, so the tool works well in that it has served in a cross-functional way throughout our company’s supply chain."

FoodLogiQ will be among the many gathering for the upcoming Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Tech Knowledge Symposium, where attendees can learn about the tech solutions that industry-leading companies are deploying today with real-world success. “Our industry is challenged like never before to increase produce and floral production with fewer resources, while also bolstering consumer confidence in food safety. Working smarter and more efficiently is the competitive advantage,” said FoodLogiQ Co-Founder Andy Kennedy. Kennedy also serves as the Chair of PMA’s Science & Technology Committee.

To learn more about how our cloud-based solutions help customers with traceability, food safety and supply chain transparency, request a demo.



Posted by Katy Jones on Apr 26, 2018 3:13:19 PM

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