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FoodLogiQ Selected By Conagra Brands To Expand Its Commitment to Supply Chain Transparency, Recall Efficiency

With FoodLogiQ Connect, leading consumer packaged goods companies are working to engage and strengthen relationships with their suppliers, and to manage the necessary compliance requirements to advance food safety and quality assurance programs.

FoodLogiQ is pleased to announce that Conagra Brands, Inc. (NYSE: CAG), one of North America's leading branded food companies, has selected FoodLogiQ Connect as their quality management solution for expanding global supply chain transparency, digitized audit and document management, as well as streamlined recall management.

Enhanced Visibility, Product Quality and Safety with FoodLogiQ’s New Internal Audits

There’s no denying that, in the world of food safety and product quality assurance, auditing is a staple. At the end of the day, a robust auditing program can make or break a brand and its affiliated reputation. This is because, by nature, audits empower organizations to institute preventive measures, continually uphold product quality and safety, and, when necessary, address issues swiftly and definitively – consistently maintaining brand promise and therefore, consumer trust.

In the Spotlight with FoodLogiQ's Troy Coll

FoodLogiQ's “In the Spotlight”  series features talented team members who play an important role in our company’s success.  Today’s spotlight is on Troy Coll, who joined FoodLogiQ in 2019 as a Technical Support Specialist on the Customer Success Team. Troy has a background in food and beverage operations, and is a vital force for creating a positive impact on our customers.

FoodLogiQ’s Fall 2020 Release: Internal Audits, Permissioning Capabilities, Data Normalization and More

With each product release of 2020, FoodLogiQ has planned, primed and delivered developments and enhancements to the FoodLogiQ Connect platform. This investment in the direction and evolution of the FoodLogiQ product stems from, and continues to align with, several guiding, strategic priorities. Among these extensive priorities are: the ability to offer active monitoring and enhanced reporting, a dedication to data process and normalization, and efforts to nurture and expand the FoodLogiQ developer community.

Adapting Your Auditing Strategy to Account for Leaner Operations

Introducing our guest blogger, John Paul (JP) Gutierrez, Vice President of Client Solutions and head of solution engineering at FoodLogiQ. Pulling from his 20+ years of experience in delivering SaaS-based solutions in the supply chain and supplier management space across a variety of industries, JP shares insights on recent auditing trends and recommendations for food organizations looking to adapt their auditing practices while faced with reduced operations.

Throughout 2020, organizations within the food industry have been dealt many an unexpected obstacle. One of the most popular challenges for enterprise Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and retail grocer brands, in particular, has been maintaining a high level of output in the face of shifting demand, lean operations and fewer resources. An important method for understanding process efficiency, identifying production trends and variances, maintaining compliance and upholding trust has been auditing. Learn how food companies have shifted their auditing practice by format, frequency and execution, and how the adoption of digitized audits has counteracted many of the challenges brought on by a reduction in resources.

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