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Crafting the Case for Traceability: How to Gain Buy-in from Executive Leadership

Business decisions are often focused on return on investment, and this is no different when budgeting for food safety and traceability software. Read our Crafting the Case for Traceability E-Book to learn how to communicate the value of traceability software to key internal stakeholders.

After years of illness outbreaks, broken brand promises and whistleblowing investigations, the entire supply chain is under an intense microscope. And that puts food safety and quality assurance professionals in a difficult position. On one hand, shifts in industry standards towards better food quality checks and streamlined systems are welcomed, knowing that they keep consumers safe. On the other hand, making sure the team—and everyone the company does business with— adheres to new processes isn’t always easy.

2020 FSMA Dates for Food Businesses

As a new decade begins, it is important to ensure your food safety “house” is in order. Many Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) deadlines have already passed, meaning that most food brands are required to be FSMA compliant today. For smaller businesses, specifically, there are a few key dates still on the horizon.

In the Spotlight with FoodLogiQ's Trupti Cessna

FoodLogiQ's “In the Spotlight”  series features talented team members who play an important role in our company’s success.  Today’s spotlight is on Trupti Cessna, who joined FoodLogiQ in 2017 as a product manager. Trupti brings 15 years of product experience and a lifelong love of fresh food to advance our mission to map and connect the world's supply chain.

How to Manage Your Suppliers Efficiently with Automated Workflows

From approval and on-boarding to audits and renewal, these five workflows empower effective supplier management and engagement for an optimized food safety program.

Supplier management is an integral component of any thorough, successful food safety plan. As key stakeholders that take part in the provision, movement and transformation of your brand’s products every day, suppliers are not only crucial members of your team; they can make or break your ability to ensure food safety and transparency to your customers and consumers on a daily basis. 

Taking the First Steps to Traceability

We’ve outlined ten steps you can take to get started on traceability today. Download the 10 Steps to Traceability checklist to learn key actions you can take to evolve the strategies that comprise your overall food safety program. While the path to achieving end-to-end traceability may seem daunting and intimidating, momentum will drive you forward. Consult this guide to take the first steps. 

If you aren't tracking and monitoring your supply chain, you're not only missing the chance to increase your profitability; you're missing the opportunity to improve the reputation and security of your business.