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Looking Towards a More Connected, Modern Industry at the IFMA Presidents Conference

FoodLogiQ welcomes guest blogger Joe Miesse, Enterprise Account Executive, as he shares key conference insights on consumer engagement, transparency and industry collaboration.

IFMA’s 58th Annual Presidents Conference was held in Scottsdale, Arizona, this week, where distributors, manufacturers, and senior leaders representing national and regional chains gathered to meet and discover insights into the ever-evolving world of manufacturing. Co-hosted by the National Restaurant Association and the International Foodservice Distributors Association, the conference featured cutting-edge content, learning opportunities, and an open forum for discussing critical industry issues.

Central Themes at the IFMA Conference 

The IFMA Presidents Conference is a great place for up-and-coming professionals to network, build relationships and learn how the food industry is evolving and growing. It’s also a place to gain actionable insights and access to the latest research, innovation, marketing, and strategic initiatives based on consumer food and beverage decisions. There were more breakout sessions at this year’s conference than ever before, many of which delivered great information on key go-to-market segments. A few key themes stood out and illustrated where the manufacturing industry is headed:

  • The rising demand for more transparency and traceability in the Consumer Food Journey was prevalent in almost every session throughout the conference.
  • There were thought-provoking conversations around how stakeholders throughout the food industry can all work together, foster collaboration with more trusted partnerships. 
  • The importance of food tech and how it can enable cleaner data was recurring theme, something everyone is realizing can only help the entire foodservice industry.
  • IFMA and its partners are working hard to entice and attract a greater number of young, talented professionals that will be the future leaders of an industry ripe for innovation.
  • The themes "Decoding the Consumer" and "Understanding the Consumer Food Journey" resonated with me and with other attendees in a way that sparked more collaboration and forward-thinking ideas than ever before.  

Industry events like IFMA's Presidents conference show a shift in priority across industry decision makers who are focused on more engaged consumers. Companies are looking to provide a richer customer experience that celebrates the stories of their food products and targets an increasingly technologically adept population. If you're interested in learning more about how you can leverage traceability technology to build more actionable data about your consumers food journey, schedule a demo today.

Posted by Joe Miesse on Nov 8, 2019 5:00:00 PM