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Introducing the FoodLogiQ Idea Exchange

Customer feedback and collaboration has been incredibly important to FoodLogiQ since our inception. We believe that listening to what our customers have to say is essential to continuously building and providing an amazing product. And we’re not alone - more and more emphasis is being placed on the importance of customer insights in product development across the industry.

A key part of our feedback process is ensuring that our customers’ voices are amplified and heard. As a result, we strive to provide outlets and mediums through which they can offer thoughts, suggestions and feedback in a variety of formats.

We’re excited to announce one of the newest formats for doing so: FoodLogiQ’s Idea Exchange. Open to all FoodLogiQ platform users, the Idea Exchange was created by our product team to gather user wisdom and input on FoodLogiQ Connect. In this space, FoodLogiQ customers can submit ideas about our platform, including suggestions for changes, improvements or issues, to help inform the product team as they create, develop and expand. 

In this sense, the Idea Exchange is a mutually beneficial tool for both our customer base and our product team. Through it, customers can express their thoughts related to the product, view and discuss others’ feedback, observe progress made on ideas and review previous releases. And while it does not determine the direction or contents of the FoodLogiQ product roadmap, the Idea Exchange plays a vital role in helping the product team better understand customer issues, focal points and requests.

Using the Idea Exchange

FoodLogiQ’s product team is dedicated to reviewing and triaging every idea in the Idea Exchange, as well as communicating actions taken on suggestions. In this space, visitors can create, submit and prioritize ideas, as well as browse, subscribe to, “like” and comment on ideas from other users. Utilize functionality within the Idea Exchange to:

  • View Ideas Suggested by Others: This aspect is especially helpful prior to making a new suggestion, as the idea in question may already exist. Observe the ideas submitted by other FoodLogiQ users, liking and/or subscribing to those that are of importance
  • Make a Suggestion: Submit an idea centered around an issue or request, being sure to offer specifics related to the problem. Use cases, scenarios and work-arounds are helpful in understanding the issue and how it relates to business needs.
  • Subscribe to Ideas: Follow or “like” other users’ ideas and suggestions, and receive notifications reflecting respective updates. 
  • Prioritize: Indicate an idea’s level of importance in comparison with others by designating its priority. 
  • Review: View idea statuses, receive updates on actions and status changes to ideas, and review previous releases, including the suggestions that accompanied them. Note that ideas will reflect one of the following statuses:
    • Awaiting Feedback: In this stage, the idea is clear and the FoodLogiQ product team is awaiting additional activity by other visitors to gauge demand, collect use cases, and better understand impact and value.
    • Planned: This status signifies that the idea has been accepted and that the product team has decided to include it in future development.
    • Building: Ideas in this stage are actively being developed.
    • Released: This status reflects ideas that have been released. A summary of these ideas can also be reviewed under “Release.”
    • Declined: Ideas in this status either already exist, are out of scope or do not align with FoodLogiQ’s strategic product direction. An explanation detailing reasoning will accompany this status.

We are excited to amplify the voices of FoodLogiQ customers and to foster a sweet spot for collaboration as we continue to shape industry best practices and connect the world’s supply chain. To begin reviewing, submitting and prioritizing ideas in the Idea Exchange today, log in to FoodLogiQ Connect, select the ? icon in the upper right-hand navigation bar and click “Submit an Idea.” For more information and support on the Idea Exchange, consult our Knowledge Base article or reach out to our customer success team.

Posted by Kirstin Meyerhoeffer on Mar 30, 2020 5:39:02 PM

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