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FoodLogiQ's Manage + Monitor Incident Management Tips and Tricks

In addition to supplier management, one of the advantages of using FoodLogiQ’s Manage + Monitor is for food companies and restaurants to track quality issues across their supply chain. By capturing detailed and customized information about each incident, you can track and share documentation and pictures with your supply chain partners.

This is saving our customers significant time by automating and centralizing communications with their suppliers and distributors. Erin Kvittem, Senior Supply Chain Professional, at Buffalo Wild Wings revealed that using FoodLogiQ’s Incident Management cut her time managing issues by nearly 90%! Plus users are recouping costs of nonconforming products, all while tracking credit requests on one platform.

It’s cool functionality that’s delivering value to our customers, and there are some tips and tricks that can make it even more powerful. Do you find yourself identifying incidents by their ID, and wish there was an easier way to go directly to the appropriate incident?  Here is some advanced functionality that should help!

Use a Direct Link to an Incident

FoodLogiQ Connect uses data URLs to identify what should be shown on every page of the platform.  When navigating to a specific URL, it looks something like this:


Here’s the full URL:


That’s a lot of text! But did you know that every incident can be linked by it’s ID?   In other words, you can simply enter:


The incident ID will act as a shortcut to take you directly to that specific incident’s detailed information:


That’s simpler, but we can make it even easier...

Setup FoodLogiQ Connect as a custom search engine

Most modern browsers allow users to add custom search engines to their application, which is something you can take advantage of to search directly against FoodLogiQ Connect’s incidents.

The below instructions are for Google Chrome, but there are plugins for other browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer) that give similar functionality.

Add Connect as a custom search engine to Google Chrome

Add Connect as a custom search engine to Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome.
  • In the browser bar, enter chrome://settings/searchEngines to bring up your search engines.
  • Find the “Add” button in the “Other Search Engines” section.
  • After clicking add, you’ll want to give your new search engine a name.  Ours is named “FoodLogiQ Connect.”
  • The keyword is the characters you will type to trigger the search.  Remember, the shorter the keyword, the easier it will be to start the process!  We’ve chosen “inc” as a standin for incident.
  • Finally you will need to enter the direct incident ID shortcut URL that was described above, but this time we will use a “%s” instead of a specific incident ID.  The %s is a substitution pattern and acts as a variable that will be replaced by whatever incident ID we want to go to. Therefore the entry should read:
  • Here’s the final product - click “Add” when you’re ready.

Add Search Engine.png

  • You’re now ready to try it out! To start, type in the keyword that you specified and hit the spacebar or tab key to trigger the search engine.   It should display the name of the search engine that you specified.

Search FoodLogiQ Connect.png

  • Type in the incident ID, and hit enter.

Search FoodLogiQ Connect2.png

  • You’ll be taken directly to incident 17-73 in FoodLogiQ Connect!

Please note that if you type in an ID that either doesn’t exist or is something you don’t have access to, you’ll be redirected to the full list of incidents.  You will also need to log into Connect if you are not already logged in.

Now when someone asks “did you look at incident 17-73,” you are just a few keystrokes away from finding it!

More tips on incident management can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Join us for our live demo of Manage + Monitor on Thursday, October 26th to learn more.


Posted by Todd Dolinsky on Oct 4, 2017 9:35:22 AM

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