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In the Spotlight with FoodLogiQ's Troy Coll

FoodLogiQ's “In the Spotlight”  series features talented team members who play an important role in our company’s success.  Today’s spotlight is on Troy Coll, who joined FoodLogiQ in 2019 as a Technical Support Specialist on the Customer Success Team. Troy has a background in food and beverage operations, and is a vital force for creating a positive impact on our customers.


Tell us about your previous experience. How did it help to prepare you for working at FoodLogiQ?

I grew up in the food and beverage industry—my family’s business is bottled water delivery for homes and offices. After managing that business for about ten years, my wife and I relocated to Durham, where I was an operations manager of a produce box home delivery company. After a year of steady growth, that company was acquired, and I was ready to move out of operations and back into a customer-facing role. A friend recommended FoodLogiQ, and here I am!

Customer Success is responsible for a diversity of needs, how do you keep yourself knowledgeable about the industry and platform? What is a typical day like for you on the job? 

I spend my days meeting with customers to understand their business and goals, advocating for them internally, and learning about our product and our industry so I can better serve our customers. The Customer Success team is also responsible for updating our Knowledge Base, so that users have a 24/7, on-demand resource for Connect knowledge. My favorite part of my work is solving complex problems for my customers. Collaborating with them to understand their particular use case and then implement the best solution is very satisfying.

We often hear that the attentiveness of our CS team is a differentiator. How do you ensure you're providing the best support to our customers?

We strive to set clear expectations and then (over)deliver on those. Ultimately, serving our customers comes down to responsiveness and proactive communication. Between myself and our fantastic Technical Support team, our customers know they've always got someone available to help them. With our rapid pace of product development and the changing landscape of food safety, keeping our customers informed of the full set of possibilities and best practices is an exciting challenge.

The food industry is changing rapidly, and the FoodLogiQ Connect community is expanding every day. What are you most looking forward to in the coming year? 

I’m most looking forward to impacting and experiencing FoodLogiQ’s growth as a company. We have a critical mission and a strong organizational culture, and I’m excited to add customers and team members to further that mission.

As a Customer Success Specialist, the relationship I cultivate with my customers is paramount. Having someone in their corner who is both a subject matter expert and a true partner in meeting the goals of their business gives them the confidence to embrace big changes. With new traceability regulation on the horizon, and a growing user base excited about supply chain visibility, I’m really looking forward to supporting users in their traceability work.

These can be stressful times, what keeps you motivated?

First of all, I love knowing that the work I do every day helps to create the safest food supply chain possible. I also love being able to work with extremely intelligent and helpful professionals that allow me to learn and grow each day. The FoodLogiQ Connect platform is also a big motivator; it’s always a great feeling to know that the technology I sell not only helps to create a more safe and secure food supply chain, but that I am also helping food safety workers become more efficient with their processes.

What is your personal "why?"  What are your personal goals?

I live by the values of kindness, honesty and curiosity, and I’m fortunate to work at a place that shares those values. I’m new to the software industry, and one of my goals is to understand the technology and processes that contribute to FoodLogiQ Connect. The leadership team at FoodLogiQ has been immensely supportive, offering training opportunities and encouraging me to collaborate with teams across the company.

What do you do in your downtime? Do you have any special hobbies? 

I’ve been an athlete my entire life, participating in basketball and middle-distance running. For the past few years, I’ve focused on getting stronger, and recently achieved a 1,000lb total between squat, bench press, and deadlift. I’m also the proud parent of a four year-old sourdough starter named Chad, and a five-year-old pit bull named Kima.

Posted by Anna Ploegh on Nov 17, 2020 12:36:10 PM

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