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FoodLogiQ Idea Portal: Capturing the Voice of Our Customers

Since the beginning of the FoodLogiQ story, customer collaboration has been at the center of our product roadmap. In fact, many of the features that are in the FoodLogiQ Connect platform today came from long-standing relationships with our flagship customers.  

To foster this collaboration, FoodLogiQ has enhanced our Idea Portal to make this process transparent and simple. Opening up the Idea Portal to all of our customers will allow FoodLogiQ to crowdsource wisdom in a collaborative environment to help refine and populate a sustainable innovation pipeline. We believe that this will create a community that will drive the food supply chain industry with best practices and standards. So come join us and have a seat at our roadmap table! Here’s how...

After accessing the Idea Portal through our platform, customers can expect the following:

  • Suggest an Idea
    After FoodLogiQ customers suggest an idea in the portal, the product team will review the idea to confirm that it does not already exist in the platform, it aligns with our company mission and is a benefit to other customers.  If the idea is validated by the product team, it will then change status to Open for Voting.
  • Needs More Information
    At this stage, your idea has captured our attention but we need more details and background so the product team can properly scope and decide whether to pursue it. Because of the interactive design of the portal, the FoodLogiQ product team will respond with questions and comments to your suggestion in the Idea Portal for all can see. 
  • Open for Voting
    You and your peers can vote on ideas and provide comments. You can filter ideas by what was submitted recently, what it is trending up with an increase in votes and the most popular ideas. Feel free to vote for your or others’ ideas multiple times to let us know this is super important to you.
  • Moved to Our Queue
    The idea has received enough votes from customers or the product team has fast-tracked the idea into our product roadmap. 
  • Currently in Development
    This idea is now being developed by our product team.
  • Idea Completed
    If an idea is listed in this status, it could be the idea submitted was already in the product or has been developed through the idea portal process and therefore completed.
    If there is an interesting idea but does not currently align with our strategy, we will note it and archive it for future review. All along the way, we will notify you by email if we need more information or if a status changes. 

    Together, we can shape industry best practices and connect the world’s food chain. So log in, share with us your ideas, vote, comment and let’s start co-innovating today!
Posted by Todd Dolinsky on Mar 28, 2017 11:23:00 AM

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