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Effective Supplier Management

Supplier Management

How to Manage Your Suppliers Efficiently with Automated Workflows

From approval and on-boarding to audits and renewal, these five workflows empower effective supplier management and engagement for an optimized food safety program.

Supplier management is an integral component of any thorough, successful food safety plan. As key stakeholders that take part in the provision, movement and transformation of your brand’s products every day, suppliers are not only crucial members of your team; they can make or break your ability to ensure food safety and transparency to your customers and consumers on a daily basis. 

top-5-workflows-supplier-management-coverAs a result, it’s vital to ensure that you identify optimal supplier partners, provide them with a smooth on-boarding process and make their ongoing experience as straightforward, approachable and intuitive as possible. Not only will your suppliers thank you, but the quality and consistency of your food safety program, as well as that of your overall brand, will greatly benefit as a result. 

A key component to ensuring these processes are completed correctly, quickly and efficiently is automation. From approval and on-boarding, to corrective action, supplier renewal and more, a wide range of supplier management processes can be automated to benefit the success of your suppliers, as well as that of your overall business. 

Within FoodLogiQ Connect, workflow automation can be utilized to achieve a wide range of goals, such as heightened supplier engagement. Consult our latest E-Book, Top 5 Workflows for Effective Supplier Management, to grasp the five best workflows for engaging and managing your supply chain partners.

Download the E-Book, and learn how to automate the following key processes:

  1. Vetting the use of a new supplier
  2. Ensuring GS1 and Traceability Readiness
  3. Reviewing supplier risk
  4. Conducting an on-site supplier audit
  5. Completing the supplier renewal process

Over 30,000 workflows currently support supplier engagement in FoodLogiQ Connect. From on-boarding to risk assessments, audits, renewals and beyond, these workflows improve the suppliers’ experience, engage internal teams and simplify your organizational processes.

Read on to discover the top five workflows for effective supplier management, and start elevating your supply chain partner operations.

Top 5 Workflows for Effective Supplier Management

Posted by Kirstin Meyerhoeffer on Dec 5, 2019 6:12:29 PM