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Formula to Feed the Future | Tyson Foods Publishes Sustainability Report

Recently, Tyson Foods launched its FY21 Sustainability Report revealing its “renewed strategic commitment and aspirations to become the most sustainable and transparent protein company in the world.”

In a July 15, 2022 release, Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest global food companies, shared their report entitled “The Formula to Feed the Future - 2021 Sustainability Report”. The report includes plans for developing a long-range 2030 enterprise-wide plan that builds from the company’s existing goals and metrics and also includes their three pillars which outline key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) focus areas- reimagining people & community impact, driving product responsibility from farm to table and working towards sustaining natural resources & achieving net zero.

The farm-to-table segment of the report includes discussion on Tyson Foods’ investments to support startups and other companies focused on emerging proteins, new technologies for food and worker safety, and sustainable food production. In 2018, Tyson Foods partnered with FoodLogiQ to centralize and manage supplier information. The platform helps to maintain visibility of their supply chain and serves as the portal for their suppliers to share documents. Tyson Foods also uses FoodLogiQ to track, monitor, and report on supplier compliance, as well as continuously develop and support overall supplier food safety and quality.

“More than ever, Tyson Foods is operating as part of a global food system, and we have a critical role to play in responsibly producing food that is affordable, accessible, and nutritious,” said John R. Tyson, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Chief Sustainability Officer. “At the same time, we are investing in team member benefits and services to become the most sought-after place to work in the protein industry.”

“Having this long-standing relationship with Tyson Foods brings a tremendous benefit to FoodLogiQ,” said Katy Jones, Chief Executive Officer of FoodLogiQ.  “We already knew that Tyson Foods was an innovator and worldwide industry leader in food safety standards, but releasing a powerful report like ‘Formula to Feed the Future’ reinforces that.”

Posted by Juli Kidd on Aug 2, 2022 9:30:00 AM

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