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FoodLogiQ’s Spring 2020 Release: Attribute Alerts, Exception Reports, Email Digests and More

FoodLogiQ’s mission is simple, but impactful: to map the world’s food chain, make it as safe as possible and empower people to make informed decisions about the food they eat. One of the fundamental pillars that supports this mission is a commitment to advancing innovation and technology in the food industry, together with our customers, while delivering the highest standards of products and services.

Over the past few months, the FoodLogiQ team has worked thoroughly and diligently to plan, test and ultimately deliver the latest innovations that comprise our Spring 2020 release. This release reflects substantial, helpful input and feedback provided by our customers and partners. In addition, it is heavily focused on supporting supplier adoption and compliance, enhanced reporting, data and process normalization, and direct, strategic communication. We are incredibly excited to dive into some of the new functionality and features included in the Spring 2020 release of FoodLogiQ Connect.

Key Elements of the Release

  • Document Notification by Type: New document notification functionality allows users to alert specific individuals within their organization when critical information has been shared or updated by suppliers. Designate individuals according to user role to ensure that the right members within the right departments are immediately notified of new developments and key information.
  • Attribute Alerts: Attribute Alerts automatically generate To-Dos for missing product, location or document attributes to guarantee that suppliers provide exhaustive, required information. Capitalizing on the Supplier To-Do List functionality, these alerts inform supply chain partners of information they may have overlooked or of which they are unaware, thereby increasing supplier compliance
  • Enhanced To-Do List Filtering: Introduced last year, the Supplier To-Do List allows suppliers to dynamically view and complete necessary action items from their Supplier Dashboard. To date, suppliers have completed over 114,000 To-Dos within FoodLogiQ Connect. With enhanced filtering capabilities, suppliers can sift through the Supplier To-Do List by category to quickly identify outstanding requirements, expiring documentation or missing attribute information.
  • Additional Event Date Types: In this release, FoodLogiQ has added and normalized additional product date information, including Best Before, Production, Sell by, Harvest and First Freeze. Report and review precise product information for more detailed traceability event data.
  • Exception Reporting: FoodLogiQ’s new Exception Reports enable brands to identify missing event data, as well as review occurrences that vary from the norm. This gives users access to a more comprehensive picture of what is and isn’t occurring within their supply chain, in addition to allowing them to proactively prevent and manage labeling, process or product issues. 
  • Recall Email Digest: This feature provides specific, designated individuals with important recall and withdrawal updates that affect multiple locations in one email digest. This is key for individuals that manage many different locations, such as regional managers, who will receive consolidated updates to allow for swifter, more direct action.

Each of the new features included in this release is now live in FoodLogiQ Connect, in addition to other enhancements. For more information on the specifics surrounding this functionality, as well as additional support, visit our Knowledge Base. And be sure to stay tuned for more information on the features included in our Spring 2020 release, product developments to come, and suggestions on how to best take advantage of FoodLogiQ Connect functionality.

Posted by Kirstin Meyerhoeffer on Jun 18, 2020 2:36:08 PM

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