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FoodLogiQ’s Summer ‘21 Release Expands Connect Data Links, Enables Audits-Based Incidents and Enhances SSO Functionality

The FoodLogiQ commitment to building a safe, connected food system starts and ends on the FoodLogiQ Connect Platform. With each new release, we strive to drive the industry forward by enabling the success of our users. In collaboration with our customers, we identify opportunities for greater efficiency and innovation across a diversity of supply chains and operational configurations. Our Summer ‘21 Release is no different, as we lower the barrier to take action, collaborate and identify important links between the thousands of products, locations, documents and events taking place on our platform. Review the highlights of our latest product enhancements below.

Key Elements of the Summer 2021 Release

Expanded Connect Data Links

FoodLogiQ rolled out Data Links as part of our Spring ‘21 Release to bring relational bridges between foundational elements on the FoodLogiQ platform, including supplier documentation, quality management incidents, traceability events and investigations, product holds, withdrawals and removals, and more. This functionality has enabled further visibility for our users to build an instant and comprehensive view into their supply chains. 

We are thrilled to be expanding this functionality to enhance data connections within the Connect Platform, allowing our users to address additional use cases that are critical to their compliance and operational process. FoodLogiQ users will now benefit from Data Link reciprocity, ensuring bi-directional visibility into linked elements such as products and locations. As part of the Summer ‘21 Release, users will now also be able to link locations to audits and incidents.

Our users see tremendous value in linking important product information together, such as the same brand of products that are different counts or sizes, or linking old and new versions of products. Data Links also enables users to link locations that are approved to source or manufacture a given item, enabling swift compliance checks for operational processes. This functionality will continue to expand in forthcoming releases, enabling greater location-based risk management, quality control and compliance escalation.

Configurable Incident Notifications

FoodLogiQ Connect Quality Incident Management is a powerful tool for building systems, workflows and responses to events or quality triggers across your locations. For many FoodLogiQ users, Quality Incident Management provides a backbone for driving source-of-truth clarity and efficiencies within any given supply chain. The tool is highly configurable to allow for businesses and FSQA teams to build automations to support the complexities of their own organization.

To further users’ ability to streamline communication, the FoodLogiQ Connect Summer ‘21 Release augments role-based notifications via Quality Incident response to bridge communication between business units and supply chain partners instantaneously. In this release, we’ve enabled dynamic routing based on values within the incident so that the correct parties are conditionally notified without having to have anyone triage items. Whether it’s procurement or legal, escalate important information to the teams and individuals sharing the responsibility of food safety and supply chain efficacy.



Audits-based Quality Incident Management

FoodLogiQ auditing provides an essential lever for assessing compliance and quality, providing a springboard for many businesses to take action and develop insights. If a supplier or location falls out of compliance or has gaps in documentation, brands need an effective way to respond and correct issues within their supply chain.

As part of the Summer ‘21 Release, we’re excited to build stronger communication, workflows and corrective action frameworks around audits by enabling users to launch incidents from audits and assessments. This functionality leverages Connect Data Links to add configurability to corrective actions. By allowing users to use the incidents module as a means for conducting these corrective actions, we’re bringing the flexibility of Quality Incident Management to the function of auditing.




Dynamic SSO functionality

As an extension of FoodLogiQ”s existing enterprise Single Sign-on (SSO) functionality, which to date has been focused on authentication at login in lieu of FoodLogIQ-specific credentials, the Summer ‘21 Release brings new dynamic authorization to configure users’ roles upon entry to the platform. This enables Community Owners to map roles and permissions to users via SSO Access Control

Account administrators can define the role maps that should apply to an array of stakeholders accessing the FoodLogiQ platform. Now, when a new user is authenticated via SSO, their access and abilities on the Connect Platform will be automatically configured based on these SSO Access Control settings. This further removes the need to administrate users in an ad-hoc fashion, as users will dynamically be created once they authenticate, if they don’t yet have an account. Role maps for SSO functionality can also be created or updated in bulk through CSV import and export, giving admins even greater control over user roles at scale.

The above functionality, along with additional features delivered in FoodLogiQ’s Summer 2021 Release, is currently live in FoodLogiQ Connect. We encourage you to log in to Connect to experience the new features, as well as consult our Knowledge Base for more information and accompanying resources. Keep an eye on FoodLogiQ’s blog for more information on product innovation and development, as well as food industry news.

Posted by Katy Jones on Aug 13, 2021 7:45:00 AM

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