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FoodLogiQ 2019 Year-in-Review: Exponential Increase in Platform Usage and Growth

In the past year, we've seen exponential growth and usage of the FoodLogiQ platform. Review our statistics about FoodLogiQ Connect usage to date, and see how far the industry has moved towards whole chain traceability in 2019. 

We're wrapping 2019 by sharing some key milestones that illustrate how FoodLogiQ Connect users have helped us strengthen the transparency and traceability across the global food supply chain. In 2019, we've surpassed 100,000 supply chain locations captured in the platform, contributed to the national dialogue surrounding the FDA’s “New Era of Smarter Food Safety,” and launched new features to increase compliance of the more than 16,000 suppliers in the platform. 

“This has been a banner year for FoodLogiQ in many ways,” says CEO Sean O’Leary. “Our customers and other platform users have leveraged FoodLogiQ Connect in amazing ways to advance the goals of food safety and whole chain traceability in 2019. With more locations, suppliers, documents, and critical tracking events in our system than ever before, it’s a thrilling time to be a part of our fast-growing company.” 

Making a Global Impact

The world’s food supply chain has become extremely complex, primarily due to the ever-growing number of products, customers, channels, and geographies. Products are sourced from the farthest corners of the earth, with spices being traded from Turkey and Sri Lanka, seafood from Chili and China, and olives and avocados from Italy and Brazil, respectively. In 2019, FoodLogiQ surpassed 100,000 locations managed through the Connect platform; this represents more than 56,000 customer locations as well as over 44,000 supplier locations. 

As the year comes to a close, FoodLogiQ boasts over 13,000 international supplier locations, helping bring consistency and transparency to food, no matter where it is created or consumed. FoodLogiQ Connect makes it possible for companies to increase visibility into these complicated global supply chains, providing them with the ability to track and trace every product, from the product’s source all the way to the consumer. 

Food Industry Moves Toward Whole Chain Traceability

There are many drivers moving the food industry to become more transparent, and companies that embrace supply chain traceability will have a distinct competitive advantage as the industry evolves. 

“FoodLogiQ Connect has become a traceability hub in 2019, with more than 25 million tracking events in our system that connect the supply chain,” says Katy Jones, FoodLogiQ’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. “That number has grown by over one million events in the last month alone. That level of tracking is transformational for our customers and will only increase as we move into 2020.”

With food traceability and supply chain transparency comes better food quality management, and managing food quality incidents are a critical part of protecting consumers. Every quality incident uncovered is a step closer to supporting a safe food supply chain, and in 2019, FoodLogiQ’s customers uncovered and reported nearly 320,000 food quality incidents.

Strong Supplier Collaboration with Industry Partners

The volume of data housed within FoodLogiQ Connect illustrates the level of collaboration between supply chain partners as they work together to optimize their food safety and quality processes. Over 16,000 suppliers already onboarded to the FoodLogiQ platform have completed more than 30,000 workflows and have shared over 184,000 supplier documents. 

Additional major accomplishments in 2019 include: 

  • Launching the Supplier To-Do List: FoodLogiQ continued to elevate supplier ease-of-use for onboarding and compliance by launching the new Supplier To-do List feature consisting of to-do action items located front-and-center on their Supplier Dashboard. Since the launch, suppliers have completed more than 63,000 To-do’s that represent greater compliance with FoodLogiQ customer food safety programs. 
  • Customer Growth in the Consumer Packaged Goods Vertical: The company announced an increasing number of CPG businesses turning to FoodLogiQ’s technology to help automate and improve their supplier engagement, traceability, case-level labeling and food safety efforts. 
  • Hosting 2nd Annual User Group, reCONNECT 2019: Hundreds of FoodLogiQ’s customers and partners gathered in Durham, NC, to share best practices on how they are utilizing the software to advance food safety, traceability and transparency. The agenda featured keynote presentations, topical panel sessions and customer-led discussions. 
  • Leading 3rd Meeting of FoodLogiQ Labs: FoodLogiQ gathered customers, partners and affiliated industry-leading organizations for a third session of FoodLogiQ Labs, the innovation arm of FoodLogiQ focused on emerging technologies that meet the growing needs of the food industry. The third meeting focused on the advances in RFID to support supply chain traceability. 
  • Input into the FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety: FDA officials invited FoodLogiQ to provide commentary during the remarks portion of the agency’s “New Era of Smarter Food Safety” public meeting on Monday, October 21 in Rockville, MD, which focused on strengthening the FDA’s protection of the food supply. Following the meeting, FoodLogiQ also formally submitted written comments on the initiative.
  • Growth in the Leadership Team: FoodLogiQ welcomed several new members to its executive leadership team in 2019. Sean O’Leary was named Chief Executive Officer at the first of the year. Maria Burch was named Vice President of Customer Success, and Tony Barbone was named Chief Revenue Officer.
  • Completion of a Type 2 Service Organization Control (SOC 2) Examination: After a rigorous examination, auditors issued an unqualified opinion, confirming that FoodLogiQ meets the SOC 2 standards for Security and Availability Trust Services Principles with zero exceptions listed. 

“We'd like to thank all of our partners for helping drive efficient communication, standardized data usage, compliance, and consumer well-being throughout the global supply chain,” says O’Leary. “This is a time to celebrate our successes, and I’m extremely optimistic and excited about where our company will go in 2020.”

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Posted by Katy Jones on Dec 20, 2019 4:38:04 PM

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