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Food Manufacturing Trends: What Are The Top Concerns?

Would it surprise you to learn that food safety / regulations (FSMA, HARPC, etc.), quality control, and increasing consumer demand for transparency in their food are driving significant change in food manufacturing operations? In fact, these concerns make up three of the top ten food manufacturing concerns in Food Engineering Magazine's 2016 State of Food Manufacturing report.

If you're a food manufacturer, how do you address these concerns? Consumer demand continues to grow as economic conditions improve, and they will only get more strident around their transparency demands. This type of rapid growth to meet demand can also lead to lax standards around food safety and regulations, as well as quality control.

In this post, we'll review how software can address these concerns - all from a single platform. 

manage fsma regulation concerns

The FSMA regulations now taking effect have been created to shift the food production industry's food safety efforts from reactive to proactive. Prevention is key. Especially significant for any FDA-registered facility, the laws give the FDA enforcement powers they've never had in the past. If you're a major brand, you're going to feel the backlash if one of your suppliers is found to not be FSMA-compliant. And with FSMA at #3 of the top 10 trends affecting food manufacturing, it's clearly on every companys' mind:

Food Manufacturing Trends

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What's the easiest solution to addressing FSMA? Traceability software can deliver full chain visibility and give you the data necessary to diagnose and address problems before the FDA comes calling or you're faced with a food recall

quality control is key for cpg

Food Manufacturing Quality ControlHow does your company address quality control right now? Is that data managed in spreadsheets or physical files? If the FDA demands documentation, could you provide it within 24 hours? That's why an online platform is indispensable - one that makes it easy to export documents at the click of a button.

If you have a quality goal for your organization, FoodLogiQ Connect can generate tasks, supplier communications and corrective actions around that goal. By managing your suppliers in an online community, you'll have an intuitive dashboard view of where suppliers stand in your quality control efforts. From audits to supplier ratings.

Give consumers the transparency they want in your food products

From the report: "With today’s Millennial generation and the desire for “better-for-you” foods, processors are seeing a growing demand for non-GMO and allergen-free products. One corporate manager reports an increased demand for non-GMO products from his facility, and a plant operations manager says the demand for organic products is growing at his company, while yet another corporate manager sees an ever-increasing demand for its niche product line, which he’s not revealing for obvious reasons."

Consumer Product Goods Transparency

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The trend line is very clear. Consumers want transparency around the food they eat, and the manufacturer that can deliver that information stands to win the benefits of selling into the Millenial market. What matters to them? How the food is produced, clear and accurate food labels, and information on your ingredients and where they were sourced from. In order to provide this information, you need to have it at your fingertips - preferably in a single platform.

how do i get started?

Interested in seeing the technology in action? Our food safety experts will steer FoodLogiQ Connect in a demo environment customized to your specific needs. Learn how traceability software can unlock time and cost savings across your entire organization.

Modern food manufacturing requires modern traceability software. Manage FSMA, address quality and meet consumer demand for transparency with FoodLogiQ Connect.
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Posted by Evan Kubitschek on Oct 21, 2016 11:35:35 AM

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