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Friday Round-up (7/17/20): FDA Resumes Food Safety Initiatives and Inspection Plans

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This was a big week for FDA, which made a series of announcements indicating a forward push on core food safety initiatives. After many weeks of laser focus on the COVID-19 crisis—and the myriad of challenges surrounding public health and food supply system stability—the regulatory body appears to be resuming oversight and guidance activities that have been delayed, postponed or impossible to conduct since the beginning of the pandemic.

On Monday, July 13th, the FDA released the New Era of Smart or Smarter Food Safety Blueprint. The newly published document covers an exciting view into the future of the food industry, from traceability, new business models and supply chain digitization to goals around advanced forms of risk mitigation and intelligent recall preparedness. Learn about their vision for the future of the food supply chain in FoodLogiQ’s recent recap of the strategic document.

On July 15th, the agency also shared plans to begin inspections of small businesses in March of 2021. These inspections, which correspond to the Intentional Adulteration (IA) rule of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), are to ensure small businesses are compliant following a July 27, 2020 deadline. Intentional Adulteration rule inspections were initially set to begin in March of 2020 for large businesses. However, the agency said that most of these inspections have also been postponed, as “travel restrictions, social distancing and other public health measures have made them temporarily impractical to conduct.”

While regulatory behaviors may look different while the pandemic continues, protecting consumers effectively and intelligently is more pressing than ever. With rule-making deadlines for FSMA rule 204 fast approaching, we expect the focus on modernizing food safety throughout the industry to continue gaining momentum in the months ahead.


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Posted by Anna Ploegh on Jul 17, 2020 5:45:59 PM