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Fall 2022 Release: Document Approval Workflows, Incomplete Products

FoodLogiQ's Fall 2022 Release expands functionality across the FoodLogiQ Connect platform, unlocking new behaviors and broadening existing components to meet new use cases and industry needs.

Manage + Monitor customers will now have the ability to choose and create configurable document approval workflows to collaborate on their business compliance needs. The increased control provided by configurable workflows will help ensure smoother processing of essential documents for FoodLogiQ customers and ensure specific user roles are notified at key events such as document creation or deletion. 

Additionally, suppliers can now share products without having to populate all required fields, decreasing supplier time to onboarding by allowing them to share partial information that is currently available and initiating the product review process.   Incomplete products will generate dashboard to-dos, reminding suppliers to add the required product information when it becomes available.

For Recall + Response, enhancements were made to streamline the product removal creation process, notably when targeting locations serviced by the same distribution center. Administrators building a product withdrawal can now filter by distributor locations to quickly select all locations that receive products from a common location, eliminating the need to choose each location individually.

New functionality in Track + Trace will allow users to filter submitted events to determine if a received, shipped, or transformed product was within a certain shelf life at the time of the event. This powerful filter will assist in determining distributor performance and identifying potential data accuracy issues for submitted events.

Additionally, this release expands FoodLogiQ’s dashboard functionality for community users through new incident time-to-resolution widgets. This additional insight will allow for further analysis of particular delays in processing incidents in the supply chain and provide performance comparisons between different incident types or distributors.

The above functionality and additional features delivered in FoodLogiQ’s Fall 2022 Release are currently live in FoodLogiQ Connect. We encourage you to log in to Connect to experience the new features and consult our Knowledge Base for more information and accompanying resources.

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Posted by Pearson Futrell on Dec 1, 2022 3:30:57 PM

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