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Transforming Millions of Data Points Into Insights-Driven Decisions

Analyzing complex supply chain data is critical for keeping your supply chain safe and transparent.  With the latest FoodLogiQ release, we have enhanced our reporting tools so our customers can now create an unlimited number of custom reports to visualize the millions of data points being tracked in FoodLogiQ.  This will help users make informed decisions about food quality issues, supplier performance and expirations.

When generating a report, critical components include data discovery, flexibility, and it needs to be easy to scale. You will want to quickly access your data and transform it into dynamic visualizations without spending half your day creating pie or bar charts. You are then able to make changes to filters and drill down to gain insights, all while saving your favorite reports so you don’t have to recreate them every time.

That’s why FoodLogiQ put enhanced and expanded reporting and analytics features within our Connect platform at the center of this product release. These reports that can be shared across their teams and up the ladder to senior leadership either in the platform, via PDF or as exportable images.  Visualization formats include pie, bar, timeline and heatmap charts that can be saved for repeated analysis as data comes in.

Built-in template custom reports include:

  • Quality Issues By Supplier or Product: Get a quick glance of which suppliers or products are experiencing quality issues.

  • Geographical Map of Quality Issues: See a heatmap of where your quality issues are happening most.

  • Timeline of Supplier Document Expiration: Proactively know when your supplier's documents expire and know when to resurvey or review.

FoodLogiQ customers can also build custom visualizations of the data associated with their supplier network, product movement and quality issue data in real time. These new features will help teams make informed decisions for a safe and transparent supply chain.

FoodLogiQ will unveil this new reporting functionality live during a free webinar Top 5 Custom Reports for Insights-Driven Food Chain Management on Thursday, March 23 at 2:00PM EDT.  This webinar is open to all so reserve your spot now! 

Posted by Todd Dolinsky on Mar 15, 2017 8:19:11 AM

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