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Embracing Automated Messaging for Strong Crisis Communication

In response to a global pandemic and its massive effect on the efficacy, efficiency and accuracy of the food supply chain, quick, effective and dependable communication is vital. Specifically, internal communications and validation, location-specific supplier communications, and external, public communications are of utmost importance both during and in the aftershocks of crisis. And they are especially applicable now, in the face of what has commonly become known as a “new normal.”

During this time, FoodLogiQ customers have utilized the Connect platform in a variety of ways to update and communicate protocols, ensure that SOPs are followed, uphold consumer and employee wellness, and trace inventory. These strategies, among others, have been essential to our customers’ ability to act quickly, ensure transparency, mitigate risk and ultimately, support business continuity. 

Many are using FoodLogiQ’s Recall + Response solution, in particular, to develop automated messaging and swiftly issue updates, whether from external health protection agencies like the CDC and FDA or internally, to keep staff and supply chain partners in the know. A sophisticated product recall, withdrawal and hold solution, Recall + Response is typically utilized to manage and track product recalls when food safety issues and outbreaks arise. 

During this time, however, businesses are creatively using the platform’s automated messaging functionality for crisis communication - to distribute updates on evolving policies and re-opening recommendations, such as those relating to hygiene and sanitation strategies or standards, as well as internal protocols. This automated communication can take the form of texts, emails and/or phone calls to ensure that facilities and locations across the globe receive the information they need in a timely, digestible manner.

Through FoodLogiQ's supply chain risk management software, food companies can also escalate messages to priority contacts, as well as orchestrate reminders on a specific cadence. They can then monitor each location’s receipt and response in real-time through the solution’s live, centralized dashboard. 

During this time, automated messaging has proven to be extremely valuable, especially considering that, as the situation continues to shift and the definition of the new normal continues to evolve, updates are constant. Through Recall + Response, FoodLogiQ customers are able to communicate with locations efficiently and at scale to educate, inform, unify and ensure employee and consumer safety. Not only is this impactful in ensuring unity, transparency and proactivity. It is also crucial to maintaining strong supply chain management, as well as to ensuring operational and overall business continuity. 

FoodLogiQ customers are using the Connect platform to mitigate ongoing risk in a variety of ways. Learn more about the strategies they are employing in our latest E-Book, and get in touch with us for more information on how to improve your supply chain risk management program.

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Posted by Kirstin Meyerhoeffer on Jun 8, 2020 1:05:35 PM

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