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Supplier Management Software: Ease FSMA Concerns & Centralize Supplier Info

Suppliers are an absolutely critical part of your business. The effective management of your suppliers unlocks massive benefits for your company and your consumers. 

In today's reality of FSMA regulation, increased consumer awareness and large-scale recalls that continually make headlines, supplier management is no easy task.

What are some of the specific challenges your business will face? For our customers, here's what we see:

  • Managing and understanding FSMA requirements
  • Creating and managing supplier audit and compliance records
  • Getting away from multiple platforms to a "single source of truth" for supplier information

Luckily, supplier management software can address all three of these challenges. In this post, we'll show you how.

manage fsma regulation concerns

Recalls happen. With new FSMA regulations having taken effect - can you provide records and documentation to the FDA within 24 hours of a request? You'll need to demonstrate your food safety plan, verify your supply chain partners and demonstrate the corrective actions you took when dealing with a food safety issue. If your records exist across spreadsheets and different platforms, you're staring down the barrel of a nightmare. Enter supplier management software, like FoodLogiQ Connect.

Supplier Management Software

Using the software, your company can create workflows around supplier documentation, supplier verification and required recordkeeping. From a single platform, you can maintain a community of your suppliers and monitor compliance across your entire supply chain. With easily exportable records and documentation, you'll be prepared in the case of the FDA coming to your door.

streamline supplier audits & compliance records

Food Supplier AuditSupplier audits are a key component of any supplier management program. Increased visibility into the compliance and safety practices of your supply chain can boost performance, reduce risk and satisfy your customers.

Using our mobile app or web-based platform, 24/7 visiblity into your supplier and distributor network is at your fingertips. And with total customization, you can ensure your company's specific food safety guidelines are being enforced, whether by your internal audit teams or approved third-party auditors.

create a single source of truth for supplier information

Having a snapshot of your entire supply chain in a single platform is a key component of a modern food safety plan. When all of your suppliers are in the same community, you can monitor all of them using the same standards, audits and certification requirements. Perform root-cause analyses to identify weak points in your supply chain or problem suppliers, and either work with them to improve or replace them with another.

Over time, when managed from a single platform, your supply chain will unlock efficiencies that will make your response time for issues faster and more accurate, as well as creating a level of transparency that your customers crave. 

how do i get started?

Interested in seeing the technology in action? We have our supplier management experts steer FoodLogiQ Connect in a free standing demo every month. During the live webinar, we'll take questions from the audience and show you how the software helps your company. 

If you still need to convince your C-Suite of the importance behind traceability and supplier management software, we've created a resource just for you:

Transparency that breeds customer loyalty starts with deep knowledge of your supply chain. Take a step toward supply chain visibility with our free guide, Selling the C-Suite on Supply Chain Traceability Software. 

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Posted by Evan Kubitschek on Oct 11, 2016 8:45:00 AM

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