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Friday Round-up (3/20/20): COVID-19 Impacts on the Food Industry

Every week FoodLogiQ will be aggregating the latest updates and resources for food businesses navigating the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Learn how the industry is adapting to protect and feed consumers while building resilience in the face of global crisis.

The United States population is bracing for escalated virus suppression mandates as Illinois and California Governors order statewide lockdowns, and New York continues to put stronger emergency measures in place. Italy announced today a record death toll of 627, adding to growing numbers across the globe. To date, it is reported that more than 270,000 people have become ill, and as of Friday (3/20), at least 11,000 have died worldwide.

In the wake of rapid changes to public behavior and safety protocols, food businesses have been working overtime to meet demand, and find new ways to reach consumers in a compliant and safe manner. The National Restaurant Association has indicated that the epidemic will cost restaurants $225 Billion in the short term alone. United States policy around work visas and labor shortages are surfacing as areas where the industry may need to prepare for additional disruption in the coming months.

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Posted by Anna Ploegh on Mar 20, 2020 6:11:33 PM