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Consumer Survey Reveals Demand for Enhanced Transparency in the Food Industry

FoodLogiQ and 1WorldSync will outline how their partnership benefits food companies’ supply chain visibility goals at the upcoming GS1 Connect conference

FoodLogiQ and 1WorldSync, the leading provider of product content solutions, have published a survey that reveals supply chain transparency by food companies is a critical driver in consumer purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. Commissioned by FoodLogiQ, A Food Company’s Guide to What Consumers Care About in the Age of Transparency found that 54 percent of respondents want as much information as possible on the label, and nearly 40 percent want country of origin, allergen alerts and GMOs all identified on the label.

For food companies to provide this transparency and maintain their customers’ loyalty, they need full end-to-end supply chain traceability technology. This technology centralizes their data, creating a single source of truth to enable consumers to make informed decisions about food safety and compliance issues.

“Food companies are aware that consumers are demanding transparency but it can still be a struggle to modernize their supply chain processes,” said Ken Yontz, Global Vice President of Transformation Management of 1WorldSync. “Starting with data synchronization through 1WorldSync’s product content exchange network coupled with FoodLogiQ’s traceability and supply chain management technology allows the food industry to meet this demand and empower consumers to make safer, more informed decisions about the food they eat.” 

“Building a culture of transparency that is focused on safety and quality can be an incredible marketing advantage and give food companies an edge over competitors,” said Dean Wiltse, CEO of FoodLogiQ. “The 1WorldSync - FoodLogiQ partnership enables food companies to be as transparent as possible with the path their food takes from farm to table while meeting regulatory requirements.”

Key findings from the FoodLogiQ survey include:

Recall + Response enables users to:

  • Over 50 percent of respondents expect food companies to fully address a recall or foodborne illness within one to two days.

  • If a brand/restaurant that consumers like experiences a recall leading to consumer sickness, nearly 25 percent of respondents admitted they would never use the brand or visit the restaurant again. Thirty-five percent of respondents will avoid this company for a few months and only maybe return after the issue has been fully resolved.

  • Eighty-eight percent of respondents across all demographics - from Millennials to Boomers - are willing to pay more for healthier foods including those that are GMO-free, have no artificial coloring/flavors and are deemed all natural.

FoodLogiQ co-founder, Andrew Kennedy will present a technology session at the annual GS1 Connect 2017 Conference on June 21 at 1:30pm PDT.  Manage Quality Issues Across the Supply Chain to Improve Traceability and Food Safety will focus on establishing processes for capturing food quality data and centralizing your supplier communications so to  improve quality across the supply chain - while saving significant amount of time and money.

Visit Booth # 17-18 and #35  during GS1 Connect at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, June 20-22, 2017 to learn more about how FoodLogiQ and 1WorldSync help customers with traceability, food safety, recall management and supply chain transparency.

To download the full study, click here.

FoodLogiQ Connect Video Demo

Posted by Katy Jones on Jun 13, 2017 10:10:41 AM

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