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Easily Access Supply Chain Data with FoodLogiQ Connect Shared Views

As part of our enhanced reporting features within FoodLogiQ Connect we have made updates to how our customers can best view and share important information. Previously you could create an unlimited number of custom reports to visualize your supply chain data, and save those reports in FoodLogiQ Connect Views so you can easily refer to them in the future. However, each team member would have to create their own view. With the introduction of shared views, you can create that view of relevant reports and share it among your team, making sure everyone is looking at the same data set.  

What are Views?

Within FoodLogiQ Connect, a view is a dynamic snapshot of a data subset that can be saved for easy reference.  Think of it as a bookmark for getting the data you need without having to reapply filters, column selections and sorts every time you need it - with the added benefit of being able to save multiple bookmarks to quickly change between slices of data.

For example, perhaps you’re tasked with analyzing quality incident data, and every morning you’d like to see what quality issues are in a “Supplier Review” status. Setting up a default view is a great way to do this. Here we’ve added a filter for the “Supplier Review” incident status and customized the columns to exactly what you might want to see every morning.   


The items in the green box control the views for this page. Clicking “Save View As…” brings up a dialog box. This view has been given the name “Morning Report” and has been selected as the default view for the incidents page, which means that the next time you log in you’ll be brought directly to this “Morning Report” view.

Morning Report View-1.png

You can also add as many saved views as you’d like - so if you want to quickly alternate between items in Supplier Review versus those that are newly opened, you could create a similar filter set, save it as a view, and easily toggle between the two. In this way, views are an extremely powerful shortcut at getting to the data you need in the way you want to see it.

Shared Views

Let’s say we have the same scenario as above, but want to set up views for an entire team of incident reviewers. Shared views accomplishes this by allowing you to share any view you’ve created with roles of which you are a member.

Save a View-1.png

Upon sharing, every member of the specified roles will now have access to this view when they log in.

This view will stay synchronized as the view owner makes changes - so if, for example, you need to add additional columns to the “Morning Report”, any changes you make will be reflected in the views of people you’ve given access to.

Additionally, users can set shared views as their default view, but always have the option of setting up their own preferred views as well.

Shared views are available throughout FoodLogiQ Connect - including on reports! Create a dashboard of supplier statuses, expiring documents, or trends in incidents, and share with those that need visibility.


More tips on view management can be found in our Knowledge Base.

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Posted by Todd Dolinsky on Sep 13, 2017 9:17:39 AM

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