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FoodLogiQ Takes Main Stage at IFMA’s Chain Operators EXchange

Hundreds of food executives convened in New Orleans this week for IFMA’s Chain Operators EXchange (COEX), the industry’s only conference “created by operators, for operators.” With an agenda packed with content built by a committee of foodservice operator executives, the event showcased pertinent issues operators are facing today.

FoodLogiQ was featured on the main stage this year at COEX along with GS1 US and to discuss the current state of blockchain in foodservice. The session provided an overview of blockchain, addressed several of the common misperceptions about the evolving technology, as well as helped to better differentiate between blockchain and one of the potential use cases for blockchain - traceability.

“There’s a lot of confusion out there and a lot of assumptions that blockchain and traceability are one in the same,” said Katy Jones, FoodLogiQ Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. “It is critically important to take a step back and really understand the business problem and what you are trying to accomplish before jumping into the technology to support it.”

The panel also addressed several important aspects of blockchain, including the required foundations for whole chain traceability, as well as interoperability and why it is critical to blockchain within the food industry.

These required foundations, or standards, that make it possible to implement blockchain include basic supply chain visibility business processes. That means implementing an international standard like GS1 Standards, which enable everyone to work with the same set of data in the same format. Every stakeholder throughout a supply chain who is using these standards has access to information that is the one single source of truth. And since not all companies are going to select the same technology partner to implement traceability, whether on the blockchain or not, standards are the invaluable common denominator that can streamline the transmission of detailed product data between parties.

Additional sessions at COEX this year included advancement in food safety technology, the role of delivery services on the foodservice brand, as well as a variety of panel presentations on supply chain transparency, collaboration and innovation. IFMA is the leading trade association comprised of the world's most prestigious food, equipment and supply manufacturers in the $600 billion foodservice industry, as well as related marketing service organizations, trade publications, distributors and brokers. IFMA's vision is to provide our member community and industry partners the opportunity to enhance the consumer's enjoyment of the foodservice choice.

Download The Fact, Fiction and Future of Blockchain with FoodLogiQ to learn more about what Blockchain looks like in the food industry today.

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Posted by Katy Jones on Feb 21, 2019 9:20:26 AM

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