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Brass City Harvest Selects FoodLogiQ for Food Safety and Transparency Needs

FoodLogiQ is pleased to announce that fresh produce cooperative Brass City Harvest has selected FoodLogiQ Connect’s Manage + Monitor for global supply chain visibility and streamlined supplier management.

Brass City Harvest is part of an evolving supply chain of growers, packers and shippers that is using technology to better engage and build relationships with their suppliers, as well as to manage their required documentation for compliance. FoodLogiQ’s food safety software provides users with real-time supply chain data, enabling organizations to make business decisions with speed and accuracy and to advance their food safety and quality assurance programs.

The mission of Brass City Harvest is to encourage self-sufficiency and healthy lifestyle choices for low-income, at-risk populations through collaborative partnerships, supportive services, and a sustainable community food system. Headquartered in Waterbury, Connecticut, and led by founder Susan Pronovost, the organization received a federal grant in 2019 and is now a newly-constructed, regional food hub serving dozens of local farms growing produce, beef, poultry, dairy, and micro-greens. Pronovost felt strongly that her organization needed to standardize food safety processes by leveraging a technology solution to manage all of their growers, and she was “overwhelmed” by the successful track record FoodLogiQ has had with fresh produce wholesalers.

“Consumers’ demand for fresh, local, ‘clean’ food is changing the way every segment within the food industry is doing business,” says Katy Jones, FoodLogiQ Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. “They expect truth and transparency from the companies they support. For growers, packers and shippers, that translates to a need for a solution like FoodLogiQ Connect to streamline their food safety, traceability and sustainability processes so they can stand behind their brand and the claims they make to their consumers. We are thrilled to welcome Brass City Harvest to the growing number of FoodLogiQ customers who are committed to establishing the highest level of food safety.” 

With FoodLogiQ Connect, organizations like Brass City Harvest are working to:

  • Prepare for evolving regulations in the New Era of Smarter Food Safety by transitioning out of spreadsheets and emails and engaging with suppliers in a centralized, online communications platform. This process eases compliance woes via streamlined supplier documentation and template workflows; users can assemble food safety plans, implement corrective actions, support supplier verification, and centralize required recordkeeping.
  • Build and monitor a Supplier Dashboard, benchmarking their supplier performance through audits and assessments. They can capture food quality incidents and report them in real time to suppliers.
  • Recoup quality costs and track credit requests directly.
  • Continuously monitor for issues and take corrective action when suppliers have expired documentation and failed audits; they can also see which suppliers have the most quality incidents.
  • Trace farm-to-fork, from grower to distribution center to restaurant or retail. Visualize each point of the chain with Critical Tracking Events for all products.

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Posted by Kiecha Berzins on Mar 24, 2020 4:13:24 PM

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