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Bobby Cox Partners with FoodLogiQ for Food Safety Solutions

From humble beginnings to providing advanced food safety technology, Bobby Cox partners with FoodLogiQ for solutions. 

The fast-casual dining restaurants Rosa's Cafe, Taco Villa, and Texas Burger, with more than 70 locations throughout the southwest, utilizes an entrepreneurial spirit to demonstrate their food safety commitment to customers.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Bobby Cox Companies, Inc. is a dynamic family restaurant operation dedicated to meeting the needs of today’s consumers. Under the guidance of its founder, Bobby D. Cox, the company has grown from humble beginnings as a single coffee shop in Odessa, Texas, to a multi-concept restaurant operation. Including Rosa's Cafe, Taco Villa, and Texas Burger, with more than 70 locations throughout the southwestern United States. Bobby Cox Companies is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit of free enterprise. 

“One of the first objectives is to streamline our supplier approval process,” said Anthony Villaloboz, Director of Quality Assurance at Bobby Cox.  Villaloboz continues, “Having all the documentation in one place will eliminate duplicative work, better utilize our staff’s time, and fortify our commitment to provide safe food for our customers.”  

“We are excited to add the Bobby Cox Companies to our list of partners,” said Katy Jones, Chief Executive Officer at FoodLogiQ.  “From their single coffee shop restaurant back in 1961, their company has grown to a multi-concept brand serving customers across the southwestern US. We’re looking forward to supporting them on their digital food safety journey.” 

Posted by Juli Kidd on Jul 29, 2022 9:00:00 AM

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