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FoodLogiQ Continues Thought Leadership on the Topic Taking the Business World by Storm: Blockchain

Read any current business blog or publication, and you’ll probably find multiple articles on the subject of blockchain.  The topic has become the center of attention throughout the world of business and industry, continuing to stir up questions and conversation about its relevance and impact on our economy. Touted as revolutionary for everything from banking to health to food, blockchain makes a whole host of promises; however, the jury is still out on whether this ‘Superman’ of technology can really save the world.

FoodLogiQ Releases Blockchain E-Book

Since 2006, we’ve based our business strategy on an ability to think differently, to forecast industry trends and to anticipate the long-term impact those trends will have on our customers.  To that end, we’ve compiled a brand new e-book - “The Fact, Fiction and Future of Blockchain with FoodLogiQ.” This resource is an  exploration of how FoodLogiQ, the leading SaaS provider of traceability, food safety and supply chain transparency solutions, has taken on the role of ‘lead investigator’ when it comes to blockchain and its potential effect on the food industry at large.  Download the e-book and learn about:

FoodLogiQ Talks Blockchain on Podcast

In June, FoodLogiQ partnered with Food Safety Magazine to produce a podcast for the publication's 'Food Safety Matters' series.  The topic? Blockchain. Katy Jones, our Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, and Charles Irizarry, our Chief Technology Officer, joined Barbara Van Renterghem, the magazine’s editorial director, for an in-depth interview on the topic that has taken the business world by storm.

“There’s certainly so much momentum around blockchain,” said Jones. “We are seeing a lot of need in the industry for education on this topic. At FoodLogiQ, we’re really trying to help companies understand what blockchain is, but also, more importantly, what it isn’t.”

Listen to the podcast and learn more about what some are calling ‘the ultimate tool in traceability.’  

You can also learn more about how FoodLogiQ is helping our customers create a safer and more transparent food supply chain by requesting a demo.


Posted by Katy Jones on Jul 5, 2018 11:06:43 AM

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